At Least Some Penguins Benefited From Record Antarctic Sea Ice Loss

Antarctica’s sea ice has crashed in recent years. It’s nothing to celebrate, but apparently some Antarctic penguins are loving it. A new study out Wednesday found that a group of Adélie penguins actually thrived during a period of sea ice loss. Don’t get too excited, though. This sea ice loss doesn’t affect all penguins the same. Read More >>

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A Weather Station Above the Arctic Circle Hit 34.7 Degrees Celcius

Amid the hottest month in recorded history, some records still stand out as absolutely jaw dropping. That’s definitely true of a measurement made in the Arctic this July. Read More >>

‘Catastrophic’ Breeding Failures Have Obliterated a Large Emperor Penguin Colony

One of Antarctica’s largest emperor penguin colonies is all but gone following three unprecedented years in which the penguins weren’t able to raise chicks. Read More >>

The Arctic Completely Failed Its 2016 ‘Report Card’

The US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration just released its annual “Arctic Report Card,” a comprehensive overview of what’s happening at our planet’s North Pole. If it were an actual school report, the Arctic would be on the verge of failing all its GCSEs. Read More >>

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The Arctic is Having a Very Bad Time

After shrinking to exceptionally low levels this summer, the Arctic’s shiny mantle of sea ice is finally starting to regrow. Way, way slower than it normally does. Read More >>

Melting Ice Is Crushing and Drowning Baby Seals

Harp seals use sea ice as their chilly love nests, and after the lovin' leads to babies, parents nurse for just 12 days before the pups are on their own. But their ice dens have been melting beneath the baby seals, and when that happens, their chances of survival are slim. Read More >>