Nokia Lumia 800 and 710 Are the Windows Phone 7 Mobiles…You Expected

Nokia's long-awaited Windows Phone 7 handsets have been invited into our houses, sat down, and given a thorough introduction today, after months (years! it felt like years!) of rumours and leaks. The Lumia 800, previously known as the N800, previously known as Sea Ray, is the colourful flagship, and the Lumia 710 (Sabre) is very much for the younger crowd, with its swappable covers. Read More >>

Nokia 800 Windows Phone Mango Device Pictured Again

A nice high-res photograph of what could be a finished version of Nokia's first WP7 phone has appeared online, showing us the phone previously known as the "Sea Ray" in all its... er... glory. Read More >>

Nokia’s Sea Ray Windows Phone Launching as N800?

A pair of seemingly official adverts for Nokia's first Windows Phone handset have been discovered, which give the rumoured Sea Ray the extremely dull new product name Nokia 800. And we get to see the thing, too. Read More >>