Government Considers Banning Wet Wipes to Save the Sewers

The government is thinking about adding wet wipes to the list of bad things we can't be trusted to have, use, or dispose of properly, as such single-use, non-biodegradable products are currently on the hit list due to containing the modern scourge of the planet, plastic. Read More >>

Playmobil Atlantic Crossing Attempt Reaches Barbados

A dad threw his children's Playmobil pirate ship in the sea. We've all been there, but this was not in a rage about the stupid noises it makes; the toy ship is off on a journey of discovery. Read More >>

The Sea’s Waves Are Getting Higher

The sea is getting angry about all these straws and cup lids we keep flushing into it, it seems, as researchers measuring the height of Atlantic waves have found that they've been getting higher for years. Read More >>

Hang On, Cod Might be Doomed Again

Just when we thought it was safe to eat the nice types of fish in the chip shop again instead of the flabby soggy ones Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall says are acceptable, our lovely cod is back on the danger list. Read More >>

A Little Bit of Blue Planet II Was Filmed in Fish Tanks

The BBC is looking to head off controversy about the forthcoming natural history showcase Blue Planet II by openly admitting before transmission that a few sequences were filmed in glorified fish tanks. Read More >>

Buddhists Fined for Freeing Lobsters in Brighton

A group of well-meaning buddhists have been fined a total of £28,000 for misguidedly trying to do something nice, after they bought up a pile of live lobsters destined for the catering industry and set them free in the sea off the coast of Brighton. Read More >>

Man Spams Welsh Beach With Love Messages

Craig Sullivan had an idea about how to find himself a new partner. Instead of trawling dating apps or dogging in motorway service stations he decided on the more romantic option of sending out 2,000 messages in bottles, chucking them in the sea to see if, somehow, his ideal woman might open one up and respond to his appeal for a date. Read More >>

Keep Calm and Float on if You Fall in the Sea

Flailing about and shouting for help while trying to hold your phone above the surface of the water is exactly what you should not do if you fall in the sea according to the RNLI, which says that if you accidentally plop off the end of a pier you should try to stay calm and concentrate on serenely floating for a while. Read More >>

Tours to the Titanic Offered for £86,000

A travel company says it has the technology to take people on romantic mini breaks around the wreck of the Titanic, with the asking price of just £86,000 per ticket making it the ideal Father's Day gift for the tech executive that's not quite rich enough to make it to the moon. Read More >>

What is a Riptide?

News from the last few days makes for grim reading, as several deaths of swimmers around the UK's coastlines have been reported. One of the most common causes of coastal death is the riptide, a dangerous current that pulls swimmers out to sea. Read More >>

Scientists Find a Dead Whale and Poke it in Wonder

Scientists nosing about among the Diet Coke bottles, Coop carrier bags and flushed away Lego minifigs at the bottom of the sea have made an interesting discovery -- a nearly-complete whale skeleton that's almost finished decomposing where the creature fell. Read More >>

monster machines
This New Ocean Simulator Will Test Marine Engineering to Destruction 

Ever wondered how engineers check if their designs—from ships to wind turbines—will fair against an aggressive ocean? With something like this new facility at the University of Maine, which uses 32 fans and 16 paddles to simulate the most fierce of marine conditions. Read More >>

Puffins Facing Extinction Due to Overfishing and Pollution

Lovely little puffins, the over-trusting weirdo birds of many remote rocky coastal areas, are facing extinction around the UK, thanks to the combined horrors of overfishing ruining their food sources and pollution generally filling them with plastic and other bad things. Read More >>

The Oceans Could be Cesspits of Death by 2050

The latest report into the dangers of global warming and the gradual acidification of the oceans suggests we could see a complete collapse of the marine food chain by 2050, unless we... do something. Read More >>

I Want to Build All These Amazing Alternative Lighthouses

A new lighthouse would probably be a fitting memorial to the 2012 sinking of the Costa Concordia off the coast of Italy. Open-idea competition platform matterbetter has been running a contest to design a new lighthouse concept to live at the spot where the ship capsized, and while the entries aren’t realistic, they’re sure pretty to look at. Read More >>