CES 2018: LaCie’s New Rugged Drive Can Backup All Your Footage On Location Without a Computer

LaCie’s rugged portable drives, distinguished by their bright orange padding, are popular with photographers and videographers who need to backup footage and photos while away from the safety of their desks. Taking that idea one step further, LaCie’s new DJI Copilot drive can ingest and back up your media all by itself, letting you leave your laptop at work. Read More >>

Seagate Says Its New Laptop Hard Drives Are The Fastest Ever

Solid-state drives are all well and good — they’re bloody fast — but if you want a decent amount of storage capacity, you’re going to be paying through the nose. Seagate has two new mobile hard drives that you can install into any 2.5-inch laptop bay — one of them is the world’s fastest, thinnest and lightest 2TB drive, while the other has a ridiculous five terabytes of space. Read More >>

Seagate Demos Astonishing 60TB SSD for Business Superpowers

If you happen to have a high-end data centre and an unlimited budget, here's your next exciting purchase; Seagate's 60TB SAS SSD, which is, as foreshadowed by the model number, an SSD with 60TB of storage space. That's enough space to put a dog's brain in one folder and every song ever recorded in another. Read More >>

Helium Is The Secret Behind Seagate’s New 10TB Hard Drives

Advances in regular hard drive tech are still very important, especially in the enterprise space. No, James Kirk doesn’t need more gigabytes to keep his extraterrestrial porn collection — but the cloud does need more bits to hold your dirty pictures and videos and the odd work document. And so, we now have drives filled with helium. Read More >>

Seagate’s New 10GBps SSD Will be the World’s Fastest

Seagate’s new SSD will be very, very fast indeed. In fact, able to transfer data at up to 10GB per second, it’s 6GB per second faster than its previous best — and it’s claimed it will be the fastest in the world. Read More >>

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Seagate’s Made One of the Best Portable Drives Even Thinner

Seagate’s Backup Plus Slim is one of the best portable drives you can buy because it perfectly balances size, capacity, and price. And now there’s even more reason to opt for Seagate’s portable storage offerings because its new Backup Plus Ultra Slim is now two-and-a-half millimeters thinner. Read More >>

Seagate’s Seven is the World’s Thinnest External Drive

USB flash drives have already broken the half-tera barrier, but if you're looking for compact portable storage that's a little cheaper, Seagate has squeezed its ultra-thin 500GB laptop drive into an equally svelte seven-millimetre thick housing that still makes room for a built-in USB port. Read More >>

Seagate Just Released the World’s First 8TB Hard Drive

Bigger is better. Seagate just shipped the world's first 8 TB hard drives to "select customers", a new milestone for fitting gobs of data on a single 3.5-inch platter. Read More >>

Seagate’s Batch of Slim New Drives Will Back-Up Your Phone

Seagate has always offered up big drives that store your data reliably, and the newest round of external storage devices—Backup Plus Slim—will now back up content from your phone. Read More >>

The World’s Thinnest 2TB Hard Drive Is a Mere 9.5mm Thick

Just a few months ago we were impressed with Western Digital for cramming an entire terabyte of storage into a mobile hard drive that was just seven millimetres thick. But now Seagate's come along to steal WD's thunder with the ultra slim 2.5 inch Spinpoint M9T that manages to double that capacity to two terabytes inside a drive that's just 9.5 millimetres thick. Read More >>

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Seagate Wireless Plus Portable Drive Review: No Wi-Fi, No Problem

Seagate's new Wireless Plus portable harddrive has 1TB — double that of its predecessor, for the same £170 price. It lets you stream to your iPad by creating its own Wi-Fi network. It's very useful — that is, if you have very specific needs. Read More >>

Seagate’s New Mobile Storage System Shares Files With Its Own Wi-Fi Network

You can only keep so many photos and videos on your iPad until you run out of space. But you still have files you want to take with you. Seagate is helping you out with its new Wireless Plus mobile device storage. Read More >>

Seagate’s New Drives Automatically Upload and Download Photos From Facebook and Flickr

As far as hardware specs go, Seagate's new line of Backup Plus external drives are pretty straightforward—storage ranging from 500-gigabtyes to 4-terabytes)—but the one neat thing about this drive is that the included file management software will not only schedule backups for you, but it will automatically upload and download photos from Facebook and Flickr. Read More >>

A Bundle of Free PSN+ Games Is Your Gamers-Double-Dip-Recession-Busting Deal of the Day

How many fingers have you got? If it's less than nine you could be in trouble because today's bestest bargain might render you speechless and needing to count its components. If you're confused by that, it has nine components. Okay? Read More >>

A 3TB Hard Drive Is Your Space-For-All-Your-“Special”-Videos Deal of the Day

All of us have got more and more data these days and if there’s one thing about data it’s that you need somewhere to keep it all. Luckily, there’s ‘cloud-based’ storage from Dropbox and (as of next week probably) Google, but the trusty hard drive isn’t dead just yet. Read More >>