Why Scientists Trained a Seal to Sing the Star Wars Theme

Listening to grey seals recite vowel sounds and sing the melodies to Star Wars and 'Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star' makes for excellent entertainment, but for the researchers who trained these aquatic mammals, it’s serious science. Read More >>

Seal Poo Thumb Drive Mystery (Partially) Solved as Owner Steps Forward

On Tuesday, scientists in New Zealand announced they’d discovered a working USB drive in a sample of leopard seal poop that they hoped to return to its owner. In a surprise twist, the drive contained photos and videos of frolicking sea lions. Now, the owner of the faecal flash drive has come forward to tell her story. Read More >>

First Evidence that Microplastics Travel Up the Food Chain and Into Seal Bellies

You’re familiar with the food chain: little fish eats plankton, bigger fish eats the little fish, then a seal eats the bigger fish, thus consuming the energy from all three smaller animals. But what if the little fish had also eaten an indigestible piece of plastic? New evidence demonstrates the plastic could make it all the way up the food chain into the seal. Read More >>

The Tricky Science of Brain Surgery on an Adorable Fur Seal

Despite the cold, Mystic Aquarium in Mystic, Connecticut was full of visitors on New Year’s Eve. But one popular aquarium resident, an adult northern fur seal named Ziggy Star, was behind the scenes that day, recuperating in an off-exhibit habitat, complete with a private pool. Read More >>

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This Newborn Seal Will Get You Through Your Crappy Day

I, and I’m sure many of you, could not get out of bed this morning. I stared through my laptop screen wondering if I would feel this empty for the rest of my life as I waited for society to collapse around me. But then, I saw an image of this puny pup — a baby gray seal. Not everything is bad, I thought. The world isn’t ending for everyone. It certainly is not ending for this seal. Read More >>

Why Do Humpback Whales Protect Other Species from Killer Whales?

It sounds like something out of a children’s animated film: the whale and the seal, at first put off by their differences, team up and become best friends. It’s like The Fox and the Hound but maybe less depressing? Read More >>

Stop Trying to Rescue Wild Animals by Yourself

Two seal pups died in separate incidents recently after humans—no doubt well-meaning individuals!—attempted to help them, thinking they were abandoned or distressed. Say it with me now, slowly and loudly: Stop trying to rescue wild animals by yourself. Read More >>

Unnecessary Study Finds Adorable Robot Seals Make People Happier

I know that hypotheses need to be proven by experimentation and all, but was it really ever debatable that giving elderly patients a fluffy robot seal would make them happier? Read More >>

Rare Arctic Panda Seal Visits Seattle Woman’s Dock

OK it's not really called a panda seal. But it should be! It's actually a ribbon seal, and it seems to have taken a wrong turn and paused for a nap on the dock of a Seattle-woman's riverside home. Read More >>

Melting Ice Is Crushing and Drowning Baby Seals

Harp seals use sea ice as their chilly love nests, and after the lovin' leads to babies, parents nurse for just 12 days before the pups are on their own. But their ice dens have been melting beneath the baby seals, and when that happens, their chances of survival are slim. Read More >>