The App Sean Parker Created as Penance for His Obscene Cosplay Wedding Is Finally Live

Sean Parker threw a fantasy wedding in the woods in the US state of California five years ago, but it turned out this predictably expensive and over-the-top gathering wasn’t permitted by the California Coastal Commission. The billionaire and former president of Facebook later reached a settlement with the state agency, agreeing to fork over a total of $2.5 million (£1.98 million) and develop an app to provide information to beachgoers. That mobile app, YourCoast, finally went live this week. Read More >>

Former Facebook President Admits It’s ‘Exploiting a Vulnerability in Human Psychology’

Sean Parker, the visionary techno-elf who cofounded Napster and served as Facebook’s first president, seems to have some regrets about building the social behemoth that’s taken over our world, telling an audience this week, “God only knows what it’s doing to our children’s brains.” Read More >>

Sean Parker’s £176.5 Million Plan to Annihilate Cancer

Sean Parker, the billionaire co-founder of Napster and the first president of Facebook, announced a $250m (£176.5m) initiative to accelerate the development of effective cancer treatments—and he’s asking the US’s top scientists to pitch in and openly share their research findings. Read More >>

Hollywood’s Richest Directors Think $50 for a Movie Is Totally Reasonable

Rejoice, world, the plan to use the internet to ensure you never leave the house continues apace. Because a bunch of big Hollywood names are reportedly backing Sean Parker’s “Screening Room,” a project to let you buy movies at home the day they are released in cinemas. Read More >>

Napster Founder Wants People to Pay $50 to Rent Films for 48 Hours

The Germans probably have an overwrought, seven-syllable word for extreme irony. But I’m not sure anything can do justice to Napster founder Sean Parker, arguably the founding father of internet piracy, championing a ridiculously expensive movie startup. Read More >>

Airtime Is Just Chatroulette Without the Dicks

Airtime is a new startup by Sean Parker and Shawn Fanning (of Napster fame) that recycles an old idea: Chatroulette. Yep, that random video chatting dickfest invented by some Russian teenager has seemingly been redressed in tailored suits and landscaped beards and is totally going to change the world. Joke. It's Chatroulette buttoned-up, which means less fun but ideally more useful. Read More >>

Napster Dudes Working on a Chatroulette-Style Service

The time has very much passed for Chatroulette (pictured), but according to Napster co-founders Shawn Fanning and Sean Parker (immortalised in The Social Network), a video-chatting service with social networking profiles is The Next Big Thing. Called Airtime, investors include Ashton Kutcher and Read More >>