Research Finds Disturbing Suicide Search Trends Following Release of Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why

13 Reasons Why, Netflix’s recent drama about the suicide of a teen, was a big hit when it premiered in March, but it also inspired fierce debate among critics about whether its depiction of suicide was irresponsible. Now, new research shows a significant uptick in suicide-related searches after the show premiered, a finding that one expert says confirms his worst fears. Read More >>

32-Bit Apps Aren’t Showing Up in the App Store But Don’t Panic, Yet

Apple’s WWDC is later today and you can expect that the latest update to its mobile operating system, iOS 11 will be one of the announcements. With the update, support for 32-bit apps will be going away and it seems that those apps have already disappeared from search results in the Apple store. Read More >>

Google Won’t Alter the Holocaust-Denying Results For ‘Did the Holocaust Happen’

If you Google “did the Holocaust happen” the first result is a link from, a neo-Nazi and white supremacist forum that’s widely regarded as the internet’s “first major hate site.” Read More >>

What Do You Think of Google’s Black-Coloured Test Search Results?

This is not a racism storm. I repeat: this is not a racism storm. Google is A/B testing a new colour scheme for its search results, and we’re not especially taken with it. As you can see from the corresponding screengrabs, some users’ search results are appearing in black, rather than blue, and it doesn’t quite look right. The body text and link addresses have thankfully remained black and green, respectively. Read More >>

One Website Wants to Track Every Search Result Google Erases by Request

Europe recently decided that folks have a "right to be forgotten" on the internet, giving people the opportunity to get results they don't like erased from Google and other search sites. But the internet never really forgets, and here's proof: Hidden From Google, a new website that documents the things people ask Google to erase. Sneaky. Read More >>