Google Maps Keeps Trying to Hide South Downs National Park

Google is waging a war on the South Downs National Park, according to managers of the hilly bit of southern England, with the rural spot apparently continually disappearing from Google Maps -- leaving potential visitors with no option but to go to towns and eat sweets in darkened cinemas. Read More >>

Police Toughen Rules on Stop and Search Requests

People with naturally shifty-looking eyes or skin tones associated with terrorists in video games may have a slightly easier ride from now on, thanks to all 42 UK police forces agreeing to stick to tougher new rules on the "stop and search" practise. Read More >>

Google Accused of “Tactical” Play Over Right to be Forgotten Deletions

The first wave of search result deletions carried out by Google are so odd they may show it's trying to undermine and discredit the privacy ruling, according to privacy campaigners and EU staff. Read More >>

Did Private NHS Records Appear Online?

A company selling its search products caused some internet privacy ripples yesterday, after what appeared to be data about the treatment of some NHS patients was discovered as part of a map generated through search terms. Read More >>

What’s the One Thing You Keep Searching for But Can’t Find Online?

On a road trip about four years ago, I heard this great song on the radio. It was unique, catchy, and it stuck in my head. Ever since, despite Googling the lyrics, humming the melody to Shazam, and poring over Youtube, I still can't identify it. It's my internet white whale. What's yours? Read More >>

The Most-Searched-For Things of 2013: Sports and Festivals

There's maybe no more raw glimpse at humanity's exposed underbelly than Google's annual Zeitgeist, a report that shows what we searched for in a given 12 months. This year, Brits' attentions were focussed mostly on two things: sporting events, and live music events. Read More >>

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Our Google Search Autocompletes Are So Depressing

If there is such thing as an all seeing eye of the Internet, it would be Google Autocomplete. It takes in what we type into Google's search box and fills it out with common searches. The results of Autocomplete can be stereotypical, sexist, hilarious and... depressing. This video shows what the common autocomplete search is when you type in your age. I'm 15 and... Read More >>

Google Purges 1.2 Million Links a Month from Its Searches

Google just released a report today showing just how many links the search giant rips down from its searches a month because of copyright complaints and it's a doozy: 1.2 million a month. That comes from over a 1,000 copyright owners who've targeted 25,000 web sites. Read More >>

Google is Against ISP Porn Filters, Says They “Deskill Parents”

The UK's rush to automatic ISP-level porn filtering is not getting the backing of Google, which would prefer the people were educated in the ways of porn avoidance instead, with more emphasis put on good parenting so children know 14-hour porn marathons are bad and that those women probably aren't having much fun. Read More >>

Easy Access to Days Gone By With Old Maps Online

Old Maps Online is exactly that -- a searchable database of historical maps, giving users an idea of what a lovely place where they live used to be before 1960s planners got hold of it. Read More >>