BA Removes Reclining Option From the Cheap Seats

British Airways is about to take action against the very worst type of traveller, with the seat-recliners of the world soon to discover their seats can no longer be rammed back into the faces and knees of the passenger behind. Read More >>

There are Over Five Trillion Pieces of Plastic Floating in Our Oceans

Things have become so bad with the human predilection for dumping plastic in the seas that, by the latest predictions, there are now more than five trillion pieces of plastic floating in our oceans. Read More >>

There are Vast Reserves of Ancient Freshwater Hidden Below the Ocean

When you're drilling deep under the seabed, the last thing you might expect is freshwater. Yet Danish scientists on a recent expedition in the Baltic Sea suddenly found freshwater gushing up from their drill. In fact, undersea freshwater reserves are hidden all over the world, and some claim this could quench our thirst for decades to come. Read More >>

Thames Barrier Saved Huge Chunks of London From Wet Carpet Misery Last Week

The rare tidal surge that caused so much damage to many coastal areas late last week was kept at bay by the Thames Barrier, with the Environment Agency releasing this image to show how London would've been soaked had the flood defences not been put in place. Read More >>

A Map That Shows How Salty the Seas Are

Some briny deeps are brinier than others. The Atlantic Ocean has two huge "deserts" of extra-salty water, the result of little rainfall and lots of evaporation. Read More >>