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Fast-Forward Through Two Years of Stunning Seasonal Changes With This Drone Timelapse

Instead of propping up a camera on a tripod for an entire year to capture a timelapse of the seasons changing, Will Strathmann piloted his drone over some amazingly scenic landscapes in the spring, summer, fall, and winter, recreating the same flight path as closely as possible each time. Read More >>

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Seeing the Seasons Pass in Norway Is Surreal

Morten Rustad travelled over 12,000 miles, taking 20,000 photos over the course of an entire year to make this beyond impressive time-lapse of the seasons changing in Norway. It's the perfect way to take yourself away from all the nonsense going on in the world for a few moments. It almost makes you want to leave everything behind and just live under the sky. Read More >>

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Watch the Colours of the Four Seasons Get Recreated with Microscopic Footage

Winter is here and though it hasn’t overstayed its welcome just yet (it will), it’s still no fun to have to wear so many darn layers. Read More >>

Spring is Getting Shorter Every Single Year

It's springtime! But this year, as it's been for centuries before, spring is coming just a little bit later. Read More >>

This Is What Each Season Looks Like in a Million Pixels

If you think you're looking at colour palettes of different shades of brownish gray, you're not exactly wrong. I'm sure people would love to paint their bathroom Roman Rotunda Slate or some made up name like that. But it's not that simple. You're actually looking at the seasons—spring, summer, autumn and winter—and you just don't know it. Read More >>

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What the Hell Is a Leap Year and Why Do We Get an Extra Day Tomorrow?

Have you ever wondered why we have to have an extra day every four years? It seems baffling that we just shoehorn another 24-hours into February, but as CGP Grey so eloquently explains it’s all to do with trying to balance an imperfect calendar, something the Universe just won’t let us do. Read More >>