You Can Now Buy the House Where Jeff Bezos Started Amazon, If You Really Have to Or Something

If you have ever, for some ungodly reason, desired to live in Jeff Bezos’s old house – well you can do that now, for the low, low price of just under £1.2 million. Read More >>

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Watch Seattle Evolve and Grow in This Epic Three-Year Timelapse Shot From the Space Needle

Most timelapses condense a few hours or days into bite-size videos that make the world appear to fly by in fast-forward. But Ricardo Martin Brualla has created an aerial timelapse of Seattle that shows the city growing and evolving over three full years—and he didn’t even have to set up a camera himself. Read More >>

Fearing Cannibalism, Aquarium Cancels Valentine’s Day Octopus Sex Show

At the Seattle Aquarium, the annual tradition of watching live octopuses bone down Valentine’s Day was cancelled the other night. Why? Cannibalism concerns, of course. Read More >>

Seattle’s Famous Gum Wall is Being Scrubbed Away to Bare Brick

Seattle’s sticky, rainbow-coloured Gum Wall has attracted tourists for 20 years and has dominated #Seattle Instagram posts, but now the Pike Place staple is being removed by industrial steamers. Read More >>

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The World’s Largest Tunnelling Machine is Finally Getting Rescued 

Bertha, the world’s largest tunnelling machine, has been stuck under downtown Seattle since it broke in December 2013. Engineers have had to concoct a massive and expensive rescue plan—essentially a whole construction project in itself. And yesterday, the Bertha’s broken cutter head was finally hoisted out of the Earth. Read More >>

Apple’s New Seattle Office Could be its New Cloud Hub

Apple is opening an engineering office in the north-west of the US, Seattle to be exact. A city that just happens to be home to Microsoft and Amazon, too. Read More >>

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The Enormous Mission to Rescue the World’s Largest Tunnelling Machine

Big Bertha was all set to dig a nearly two-mile tunnel in Seattle, but just 1,000 feet (304m) into her journey she hit a mysterious object that halted her progress. Now, crews are beginning the process of rescuing her, in what could be the world's largest recovery mission. Read More >>

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They Finally Found What’s Blocking The World’s Largest Tunneling Machine

Ever since the colossal machine tunnelling under Seattle, nicknamed Bertha, was stopped in its tracks, there's been a frenzied speculation about what mysterious "object" could possibly block such a powerful machine. The answer is, at least partially, a big steel pipe. Read More >>

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Mysterious “Object” Stops World’s Largest Tunneling Machine

Bertha, the world's largest tunneling machine, churning through the rock and mud beneath Seattle, has hit a mysterious roadblock—so mysterious, it is only known for now as "the object." Read More >>

Amazon Wants to Build a Giant Biosphere in the Middle of a City

The crazy technology HQs war just took a step up in the bizarre-yet-ecofriendly stakes. Amazon unveiled drawings for its new downtown Seattle office, complete with massive spherical glass greenhouses packed with exotic plants and mature trees -- a glassed-off bit of the Amazon for, err, Amazon? Read More >>

The Hot Tub Boat Is the World’s Most Luxurious Possible Thing

Imagine this—you're in a hot tub. Nice! You're also surrounded by water. Ooh. You're also out boating, while hot-tubbing, while drinking. All at once. The future is now and it is steamy and very wet. Read More >>