Samsung’s Smart TVs Just Got a Clever New App

For all the promises that "Smart TVs" make, they aren't really all that smart. Generally, they're just TVs with glorified streaming boxes built into them, plus a few unwieldy bells and whistles nobody wants or uses. So when a smart TV app comes along that actually looks clever, it's pretty unexpected. Read More >>

For Better or For Worse, Second Screens are Coming

Most of us are lazy bums with an attention span measured by an atomic clock, so we use a second device to occupy ourselves whilst watching telly. It's a dubious habit that's taken off big-time in the US, and now it's making firm inroads into our green and pleasant isle. Read More >>

Do You Use Your Tablet as a Second Screen?

The use of a tablet or smartphone as a "second screen" is one of the favourite pieces of marketing trend hype amongst tech companies right now. They're convinced we need apps—more apps, specific apps—to connect to the world and allow us to share our thoughts on whatever we're watching (or perhaps more cynically, buy stuff). Is this how you use your tablet? Is this how you would want to use your tablet? Read More >>