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CEX Employees Rip the Hated Kinect Out of Xbox One Boxes, to Try and Shift Them

With Microsoft's Kinect-free Xbox One yet to hit the high street, retailer Computer Exchange has seized the initiative -- pulling the unpopular Kinect webcam controller from existing Xbox One boxes in order to sell the standalone units a little cheaper. Read More >>

Secondhand Shops are Selling Smartphones Loaded With Personal Data

An investigation into used smartphones being sold by popular trading chains Cash Converters and CEX has found that plenty are going to new buyers complete with the personal data of the previous owner. Some are wiped, but there's wiping and there's wiping. Read More >>

Even Old Thirdhand Cigarette Smoke Residue May be Dangerous to Kids

Researchers torturing poor little lab mice have found that their health is compromised by simply being near the residue left behind by smokers, with lingering after-smells said to affect the health of mice. So smoking in cars with your kids is probably going to be going to be even worse. Especially if you're a mouse and your children are mice. Read More >>

xbox one
Xbox One Pre-Owned System Designed to Give Publishers a Cut of Our Trade-Ins

A new explanation of how the Xbox One's used games system works has emerged, showing the primary reason behind it -- ensuring that publishers get paid again when someone buys a second-hand game. Read More >>

Sony Patents Depressing Pre-Owned Games Blocking System

Sony Computer Entertainment has applied for a patent that would eliminate the used game market, via a system that includes a physical tag inside game boxes to check who's allowed to play it. Read More >>