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The Best Secret Santa Gifts For the Office Bellend

Secret Santa is a time-honoured tradition in offices around the Christmas-celebrating world, but it's not always possible to actually like all the people you work with. If you managed to draw the name of someone you can't stand, and can't work out a trade with somebody else, here are a few shitty and vindictive gifts you can give them. Read More >>

gift guide
Win the Office Christmas Party With These Awesome £5 Secret Santa Gifts

The joys of working in an office at Christmastime. All the silly annual rituals you're expected to take part in: the office after-work drinks, the departmental Christmas meals, the lunchtime buffets, and of course, the exchange of secret santa gifts. You know the score: you draw a name out of a hat, and pick a gift for that person to a set budget. They (ideally) never know it was you who bought their present... so go as crazy as you want. Or, you know, be nice and buy them something you know they'll love – but where's the fun in that? Read More >>

Secret Santa: 10 Best Presents for Less Than £10

It's easy buying things for strangers, especially when it's in an anonymous Secret Santa arrangement -- as then you can buy something cheap and terrible and not have to live with the consequences and possible cheap-present retaliation. Read More >>