Facebook Says Android Users Can Now Share Location Data Without Being Constantly Tracked

Facebook, ever the thoughtful steward of our most intimate personal data, announced yesterday that it’s rolling out a feature change for its Android users: those with location sharing turned on will no longer have to continually report their whereabouts to the social network at all times. Read More >>

The Lucrative Government Spyware Industry Has a New ‘One-Stop-Shop’ for Hacking Everything

How do you build the next billion-dollar unicorn start-up in the hacking industry? One group of spy technology entrepreneurs says it’s found the answer. Read More >>

Switzerland Would Like You to Hack Its E-Voting System

Online voting still isn’t a thing in most of the world due to concerns about security, accountability, privacy, and voter verification. But the Swiss government has an interesting plan in mind to help improve its e-voting system: Put out bounties for any white hat hackers who can find bugs during a dummy election later this month. Read More >>

Maybe Connecting Hospital and Supermarket Freezers to the Internet Was a Bad Idea

Security researchers revealed on Friday that the temperature control systems used in freezers at thousands of locations ranging from supermarket to hospitals to pharmaceutical companies are subject to simple sabotage. To raise hell, all anyone would need to know is where to look and the systems’ stupidly guessable default password. Read More >>

Don’t Fall for This New Google Translate Phishing Attack

Sometimes, the most effective hacks are the simplest hacks. The technique of targeting users’ email accounts with malicious links that gather personal data is one of the oldest and most successful hacks around. And now, you should be on the lookout for phishing emails that are using Google Translate to mask their nefarious nature. Read More >>

Apple Is Compensating the Kid Who Figured Out Its Sketchy Eavesdropping FaceTime Bug

Apple has finally delivered a fix to its Group FaceTime bug that let users eavesdrop on others with an accidental workaround. But the real hero of this story is the 14-year-old kid who figured out that it existed, and whose mum reportedly used every imaginable method to reach the company and flag the security issue. Read More >>

You Can Now Download a Fix for That Scary Apple FaceTime Eavesdropping Bug

Apple just started rolling out an update to iOS 12 and MacOS 10.14 that fixes a very scary Group FaceTime bug. This widely reported bug enabled callers to hear and even see recipients without the person on the other end of the line actually picking up the call. This is something you don’t want on an iPhone or iPad, so please update your devices right now. Read More >>

Some iPhone Apps May Be Recording Users’ Screens Without Their Knowledge, Report Finds

Nothing is quite as unnerving as learning that the things we do on our phones aren’t private—even if we are regularly reminded that nothing is really sacred. On Wednesday, a TechCrunch investigation revealed that apps using analytics companies called Glassbox are not only recording the minutiae of how you use those apps, but also potentially jeopardizing sensitive data in the process. Read More >>

US Lawmakers Quiz Apple CEO Over FaceTime Eavesdrop Bug

A FaceTime bug that allowed virtually anyone to listen in on others when using the Group feature has drawn the interest of US lawmakers who want to know more about what Apple is doing to secure its users’ privacy. Read More >>

Google’s New Chrome Extension Warns You If Your Passwords Have Been Exposed

Google is rolling out two new tools to help the password-challenged beef up their security game. The first is a Chrome extension called Password Checkup that can identify if you’re using a password that’s been exposed in a third-party data breach. The second is a feature called Cross Account Protection, which helps protect apps you’ve signed into with your Google account. Read More >>

Irish Government Investigating Alleged Leak of Abortion Patient’s Information: Report

Ireland’s Data Protection Commissioner and public health services agency are reportedly investigating how the private data of a patient who had an abortion may have landed in the hands of a harasser. Read More >>

Programmer at Chinese Bank Jailed After Reportedly Finding a Secret Way to Withdraw £796,000

A software chief of a Chinese bank reportedly found a loophole in his company’s system and managed to stealthily withdraw seven million yuan (£795,665) over the course of 14 months. When he was caught, he explained he was testing the system. Huaxia Bank bought it, but the authorities didn’t. Read More >>

FBI Sting on Huawei Ends With a Meeting Over Burgers, a Raid, and No Charges Currently

In what sounds like a half-baked movie script about corporate espionage, an FBI sting conducted in collaboration with a specialised glass maker (and watched from a gelato stand by a reporter from Bloomberg) led investigators to a meeting at a burger joint in Vegas during CES. However, despite getting enough evidence to obtain a warrant and conduct a raid on a Huawei testing facility in San Diego in the US state of California, it seems the FBI’s latest efforts to drum up charges against the Chinese electronics giant have come up dry, at least for now. Read More >>

Definitely Do Not Try to Fly a Drone Above the Super Bowl

The FBI is cautioning drone pilots against flying them anywhere near the site of the Super Bowl in Atlanta, Georgia – not only on game day but leading up to it as well. Read More >>

Report: Just Two Groups May Be Behind $1 Billion in Cryptocurrency Hacks

Just two groups of “highly sophisticated cyber criminals” may be behind an estimated $1 billion (£760 million) in cryptocurrency thefts, the Wall Street Journal reported on Monday. Read More >>