MindBody Exposes Data Belonging to Millions of Fitness App Users

The fitness company behind popular performance-tracking app FitMetrix reportedly left the personal data of more than 100 million users exposed. Read More >>

Investigators Told Not to Look at Phones With Face ID to Avoid Lock-Out: Report

It’s no secret that law enforcement often resorts to workarounds for Apple’s security features, but the Face ID technology of the iPhone X makes things tricky. According to a report from Motherboard, forensics company Elcomsoft is advising law enforcement to not even look at phones with Face ID. This is because with its Face ID feature enabled, failed attempts to get into the phone could lock investigators out by requiring a passcode that may be protected under the Fifth Amendment. Read More >>

Ancestry Sites Could Soon Expose Nearly Anyone’s Identity, Researchers Say

Genetic testing has helped plenty of people gain insight into their ancestry, and some services even help users find their long-lost relatives. But a new study published this week in Science suggests that the information uploaded to these services can be used to figure out your identity, regardless of whether you volunteered your DNA in the first place. Read More >>

Don’t Fall for This New Email Scam Threatening to Expose Your Porn Habits

If you received an email from “hackers” claiming they recorded you watching porn and will send all your data to your loved ones if you don’t promptly pay up, take a beat. It’s probably a scam. Read More >>

Facebook Says Hackers Accessed Sensitive Personal Information on 29 Million Users

Late last month, Facebook disclosed a massive security vulnerability that it claimed affected some 50 million login tokens, but details were somewhat thin on its impact pending further investigation. In a blog post today, the results are in some ways better and worse. Read More >>

Nasty WhatsApp Bug Left Users Vulnerable to Attack by Simply Answering a Video Call

On Tuesday, a researcher for Google’s Project Zero security team published a report revealing how WhatsApp users could lose control of their account just by answering a video call from a bad actor. Read More >>

Google Not Sure Which Google+ Users Had Personal Data Exposed

Following a report Monday alleging that Google kept secret a data breach potentially impacting hundreds of thousands of former Google+ users, the company is offering only a meagre defence of why it kept silent for so long. Read More >>

Apple, Amazon Deny China Installed Tiny Spy Microchips on Their Servers, But We’re Still Freaked Out

In what could be the most important national security story of the decade, a new report alleges that China has been installing tiny microchips, roughly the size of a grain of rice, on the motherboards of countless servers imported into the U.S. Read More >>

Apple and Amazon Call BS on Chinese Spy Microchip Report

Hours after Bloomberg Businessweek claimed Apple and Amazon were two among many victims of an extreme Chinese espionage operation, the two companies have fired back with lengthy statements repeatedly denying Bloomberg’s report and calling the reporting itself into question. Read More >>

Facebook Data Breach Means MPs are Giving Mark Zuckerberg a New Chance to Ignore Them

In case you haven't noticed, Facebook has just had to deal with a data breach. It's the latest in a long line of PR disasters for the company, and one that could lead to a £1.25 billion fine under the GDPR. The breach has also caused our own MPs to say some words about Mark Zuckerberg, even if he's just going to ignore everything they have to say. Read More >>

Facebook Could Face Up to £1.25 Billion Fine for Latest Hack Under the GDPR

Facebook’s stunning disclosure of a massive hack on Friday in which attackers gained access tokens to at least 50 million accounts – bypassing all security measures and potentially giving them full control of both profiles and linked apps – has already stirred threats of a $1.63 billion dollar fine in the European Union, according to the Wall Street Journal. Read More >>

Okay, Facebook, You Win. I’m Done.

Facebook just reported a massive data breach. Nearly 50 million accounts were affected by the breach, though it remains unclear whether the accounts were misused or if personal data was accessed. My account might be one of those affected. I know this, because when I went to check, Facebook had logged me off. At which point, my face fell onto my keyboard, drooling a bit from one side or the other. I’ve been dealing with bullshit from this company for years. I’m over it. Read More >>

Facebook’s Already Getting Sued for Data Breach Affecting 50 Million Profiles

Earlier today, Facebook announced to the public that a series of vulnerabilities had allowed hackers access to an estimated 50 million user profiles. The company now faces its first class-action lawsuit over its apparent inability to protect this data, likely the first of many such suits to come if the legal fallout after the Cambridge Analytica scandal serves as any indicator. Read More >>

50 Million Facebook Accounts Affected in Massive Security Breach

An estimated 50 million user profiles were affected by a security breach, Facebook confirmed in a blog post today. The breach allowed attackers to take over the accounts of affected users. Read More >>

Teen Apple Fanboy Who Made ‘Hacky Hack Hack’ Folder of Evidence Avoids Jail

An Australian teenager has pled guilty to hacking Apple’s system multiple times in a span of several months, but will not be going to jail. He said he did it because he’s just a huge Apple fanboy. Read More >>