One of macOS’ Most Useful Features May Be Making Your Files Less Secure

A bug in macOS’ Quick Look feature has seemingly been known to forensic experts for the better part of a decade, but security researcher Wojciech Regula shed new light on how the vulnerability actually works in a report published earlier this month. Read More >>

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What to Do When You Get Locked Out of Your Social Media Accounts

There you are just wanting to get on with some casual Facebooking but all of a sudden you can’t get into your account—and what you thought were your username and password aren’t working any longer. If you find yourself locked out of one of your social media accounts, take a deep breath, and follow these steps. Read More >>

China to Make RFID Chips Mandatory in Cars So the Government Can Track Citizens on the Road

The Chinese government, in its ongoing pursuit to create the dystopian police state dreamed up in many a science fiction tale, is reportedly readying a new vehicle identification system that will be capable of monitoring the movement of citizens. Read More >>

Update Your PC Now to Fix This Pesky Cortana Security Flaw

Cortana, like all digital assistants, is supposed to make life easier by organising your data and presenting you with helpful information when you need it. Unfortunately, that inclination to be useful can also pose a security risk, as McAfee found when it discovered a bug in Windows 10 that let hackers use Cortana to gain access to locked computers. Read More >>

Dixons Carphone Confirms it Was Hacked, and Credit Card Details May Have Been Exposed

Things haven't been looking too great for Dixons Carphone. Not only has the company had to shut down 92 Carphone Warhouse stores, a move blamed on changing consumer phone-buying habits, the company has now confirmed it has been hacked. What's more some 5.8 million credit card details may have been exposed in the process, alongside 1.2 million instances of non-financial personal data. Read More >>

Apple Will Punish Apps That Misuse Your Address Book Data

Apple quietly rolled out a new set of rules for developers last week, adding restrictions for apps that suck up the address books of iPhone users, Bloomberg reports. Developers could, for example, sell the databases filled with your friends’ contact information to boost their bottom lines. No more. Read More >>

Piracy Apps Are Letting Crypto-Mining Malware Infect Amazon Fire TV Devices

Amazon's Fire TV and Fire TV Stick, like many devices, lets you download apps from an app store and increase the amount of stuff you can do. Fire OS is also based on Android, which means it's possible to sideload unofficial/unapproved apps onto your device with a little bit of know-how. But that can be pretty risky, and people who've sideloaded piracy-enabling apps are finding those same apps are letting in some nasty malware that's using their device to mine cryptocurrency. Read More >>

Spain’s Biggest Football App Reportedly Turned Fans Into Unwitting Narcs

With the World Cup just a few days away, everyone is trying to figure out the best ways to watch and keep track of their favourite teams. But before you download any apps, here’s something to think about: The La Liga app, which is the official streaming app for Spain’s most popular football league, has reportedly been using the microphones on fans’ phones to root out unauthorised broadcasts of matches in public venues like bars and restaurants. Read More >>

Weight Watchers Swears No Customer Data Exposed After Dozens of Servers Found Publicly Accessible

Dozens of servers containing Weight Watcher’s data were left exposed after the company failed to password protect software used for managing application containers, according to German cybersecurity firm Kromtech. Read More >>

OnePlus 6 Has a Pretty Serious Security Flaw, but it’s Not All Bad News

There are a lot of reasons to like the OnePlus 6, but if you're in the habit of leaving your phone where a random stranger might get access to it you might want to pay attention. The phone has a serious security flaw should someone get physical access,but fortunately a fix is already on the way. Read More >>

Surprise, Facebook Reportedly Gave Companies Your Friends’ Data After it Said it Wouldn’t

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before, but it looks like Facebook may have been sharing more of your data than you thought it was. The Wall Street Journal reported Friday that the social network cut deals with a number of companies to provide access to user records and friend data even after its policy change that prevented apps from scraping that very information. Read More >>

China Hacked a Navy Contractor and Stole 600GB of Data

Hackers working for the Chinese government compromised a US Navy contractor and stole a massive cache of highly sensitive data, including details about a planned supersonic anti-ship missile, American officials said Friday. Read More >>

Facebook Says a ‘Bug’ Changed Millions of Users’ Default Privacy Settings to Public

For ten days in May, a Facebook “bug” changed the default privacy settings of new posts for as many as 14 million users, Recode reports. As a result, posts meant to be shared privately may have instead been shared publicly. Read More >>

Amazon and eBay are Pulling Listings For CloudPets Smart Toys Over Security Concerns

As someone who doesn't have children and grew up in a time where people couldn't even imagine the concept of toys that could be hacked remotely, I'm not sure I understand why smart toys are a thing. I understand toy companies would want to develop high tech playthings to try and flog to parents for outlandish prices, but given how many of them have god-awful security I don't really get why parents are still buying them. Read More >>

Tech Support Scammers Use Victims’ Webcams to Secretly Record ‘Testimonials’ for YouTube

A team of scammers sneakily filmed dozens of Australians by remotely accessing their webcams, then uploaded those videos onto YouTube, according to Australian news outlet ABC. Read More >>