TaskRabbit is Back Online After Suspected Data Breach With Plans to Bolster Security 

TaskRabbit, the handyman-for-hire app, is back online after being intentionally taken down on Monday following an apparent data breach. Read More >>

Microsoft Protects Users From Phishing Scams With a Windows Defender Chrome Extension

Phishing scams are pretty dastardly things, and supremely irritating. It's got to the point now where you can't ever trust a link in your inbox, even if everything looks legit. Even GMail's spam filters can't differentiate between scams and genuine emails from Amazon about stuff I've actually ordered. What's more plenty of people still fall for them, which is one of the reasons why Microsoft has gone and released a Windows Defender extension for Chrome. Read More >>

Facebook, Microsoft, and Dozens of Other Tech Firms Vow to Not Help Governments Wage Cyberwar

A coalition of leading tech companies on Tuesday made public a vow never to aid any government in offensive cyberwarfare, while also promising to increase information sharing about malicious code to stem the tide of cybercrime. Read More >>

The Russians Have Been Hacking Routers All Over the World, Says US and UK

Yesterday the reports surfaced that the government is preparing for a Russia-backed cyberattack, with the intention of compromising embarrassing information about government officials. While preparations are supposedly being made to retaliate if need be, today the official word expands beyond trying to exploit politicians' personal information. According to a joint statement from the National Cyber Security Centre, FBI, and US Department of Homeland Security, Russian-backed hackers have actually been involved in a months-long campaign to compromise routers, switches and firewalls around the world. Read More >>

TaskRabbit, the Handyman-for-Hire App, Appears to Have Been Hacked

TaskRabbit, the mobile marketplace that matches freelance labour with local demand, has apparently been hacked. Read More >>

Facebook Spent £14 Million on Relatable Guy Mark Zuckerberg’s Bodyguards, Flights Since 2015

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has a personal security and private flight budget that likely eclipses that of anyone but the highest-profile celebrities and government officials, CNN reported this weekend. Read More >>

Some Android Phones Are Hiding Missing Security Patches, Researchers Say

New phone-security research unveiled by researchers at a German hacking conference last week spells bad news for Android users. Read More >>

Cyber Defence Watchdog Claims China’s ZTE “Poses Risk to UK Security”

ZTE is a phone company that doesn't have a huge following in this country, mainly because they're not as mainstream as Apple or Samsung, and haven't spent as much on publicity establishing themselves as someone like Huawei. In fact you might only recognise them for that bizarre dual-screen phone that's coming to the UK very soon. If you've ordered one, you might want to think again, because the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) claims the company poses a rick to the UK's national security. Read More >>

Someone Should Make a BlackBerry-Style Phone, Says BlackBerry CEO While Not Doing That

BlackBerry used to be a big deal. Used to be, back before touchscreens really kicked off and the company failed adapt to what consumers were actually going to buy. In the years since BlackBerry has tried to restore itself as a smartphone king, but mostly failed. Instead it licensed out its brand and resorted to patent trolling. Now CEO John Chen has come out and said someone else should make a BlackBerry-style phone. Emphasis on "someone else", because the company won't be doing that itself. Read More >>

Russia Orders ISPs to Block Telegram, Founder Gets Crafty

On Friday a court ruled that Telegram should be blocked inside Russia due to its failure to turn over its encryption keys. In 2016, Russia passed “anti-terror laws” that require messaging services give authorities the ability to decrypt communications. Telegram founder Pavel Durov has defied the order and now says he has a workaround. Read More >>

There Might Be a New Self-Destructing Message Feature in the Gmail Revamp

Earlier this week, news leaked about Google’s plan to revamp Gmail sometime in the next few weeks, and from what we’ve seen so far, it looks pretty good. The interface seems cleaner and more intuitive to use, and a new sidebar on the right should make multi-tasking easier too. Read More >>

Police Acquire iPhone-Cracking Tools, Proving FBI’s Effort to ‘Backdoor’ Encryption Is Dumber Than Ever

For more than a decade now, FBI directors have been ranting about investigators being cut off from prized intelligence sources thanks to the widespread adoption of digitally encrypted communications. The truth, of course, is that humanity’s ever-increasing reliance on the internet has given today’s Federal Bureau of Investigation access to more data than its disreputable predecessors would’ve ever dreamed possible. The notion that technology such as smartphones and the internet have made information-gathering more difficult is a view expressed solely by the FBI in an ominous scenario it likes to call “Going Dark.” Read More >>

Researchers Unearth New Malware Designed to Make Cash Machines Spew Out Cash

Researchers have recently discovered new kind of “jackpotting” malware—the sole purpose of which is forcing cash machines to spit out huge volumes of cash. Read More >>

We Had a Little Cyber-War With ISIS

Some computer men in a room in Cheltenham enjoyed the thrill of going to war recently, but without the menace of death, capture, shellshock, amputations, exposure to male banter and all that misery. They did it all on computers. Like Quake III. Read More >>

Mark Zuckerberg Says His Data Was Sold to Third Parties, Too

Congresswoman Anna Eshoo just asked Mark Zuckerberg a really great question. Was Zuck’s own personal data sold to third parties like Cambridge Analytica? The one word answer: Yes. Read More >>