Uber’s New CEO Was Told About the Company’s Massive Data Breach Months Ago

Earlier this week, Uber dropped a bombshell by disclosing details of a data breach involving some 57 million user accounts—and then admitting to paying the hackers $100,000 (£75,490) to destroy the stolen data and keep their mouths shut. Disturbingly, this all happened over a year ago, and as it now turns out, Uber’s new CEO, Dara Khosrowshahi, has known about the hacks since he took the helm back in September. Read More >>

Eager to Host More Classified Data, Amazon Launches New ‘Secret’ Cloud Region for US Intelligence

Amid the unparalleled classified leaks, global acts of cyberwarfare, and colossal data breaches dominating the daily news cycle, Amazon Web Services (AWS) has debuted an entirely new cloud region designed specifically to host classified US government secrets. Read More >>

Iranian Man Charged in HBO Hack Allegedly Wanted £4.5 Million in Bitcoin to Stop Leaks

The US Justice Department on Tuesday charged an Iranian national with hacking into HBO, as well as attempting to extort the television network for $6 million (£4.5 million) worth of bitcoin, according to an indictment filed Tuesday in the US District Court in Manhattan. Read More >>

Nest Cam IQ Indoor Has Facial Recognition To Tell Your Cat-Sitter From A Cat Burglar

The newly released Nest Cam IQ Indoor has out of the box person alerts to keep an eye on the comings and goings of your house. Throw in a subscription to the Nest Aware service and the home security camera will use facial recognition technology to tell friends and family from strangers. Read More >>

DJI Rewarded Bug Bounty Discovery With Legal Threats, Developer Claims

Bug bounty programs are indispensable tools for finding security vulnerabilities and are used by major tech companies like Google and Microsoft. Following an order from the US Army for personnel to stop using DJI drones due to security issues, the company launched its own bug bounty program. Now, one researcher says he found an incredible screw-up, worth $30,000 (£22,674), but then received extortionate threats from DJI. Read More >>

Flashlight Apps Snuck Malware Into Google’s Play Store, Targeting Bank Accounts

Active on Google Play Store as recently as last Friday, a mobile banking trojan infected thousands of users who thought they were downloading games or innocent-looking apps, according to research published by a trio of cybersecurity firms. Read More >>

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Pentagon Cache of Over 1.8 Billion Scraped Social Media Posts Left Unsecured on Amazon Server

The Pentagon accidentally left at least 1.8 billion publicly accessible posts it scraped from social media sites, forums and other web destinations unsecured on an Amazon S3 repository, where anyone with a free Amazon Web Services account could download the data, PC Mag reported. Read More >>

Equifax Seized 138 Scammy Lookalike Domains Instead of Just Changing Its Dumb ‘Security’ Site

Late last month, Equifax secured control over 138 domains mimicking a website that the company launched in September in the wake of its massive data breach. Read More >>

German Regulators Ban Smartwatches for Kids, Urge Parents to Destroy Them 

Saying the technology more closely resembles a “spying device” than a toy, German regulators have banned the sale of smartwatches designed for kids, urging the parents who were dumb enough to buy them in the first place to destroy them. Read More >>

New DNS Service Launched by IBM Vows to Keep Your Browsing Habits Secret

A new online service was launched Thursday morning to keep your browsing habits out of the hands of marketers and help you automatically avoid millions of malicious websites. Read More >>

Now Cash Converters Has Been Hacked

Hacks are everywhere these days, to the point where it feels like a gift from Oprah. You get a hack, you get a hack, everyone gets a hack! The latest one? High street pawn shop, and peddler of overpriced old games nobody would ever buy, Cash Converters. Read More >>

GCHQ Has Blamed a Number of High Profile Hacks on Russia

Oh Russia, what are you like? Not only are you trying to fix elections through social media, the GCHQ has now accused you of hacking various media, telecoms, and energy companies over the past year. You rascal, you. Read More >>

How Black Market Criminals Are Duping Apple Users Into Surrendering Their iPhones

A security report out Tuesdays sheds new light on the lucrative business of unlocking and reselling stolen iPhones, a multi-million-pound criminal enterprise spanning the globe. The tools used by shadowy hackers involved in this black market trade were detailed in TrendMicro’s latest research. Read More >>

Facial Recognition is Coming to Supermarket Self-Service

Picture this very likely scenario. You're queuing up for a self-service checkout in the supermarket, and you have to wait for ages because some genius decided to go through with a trolley full of booze. So now there's a wait because they have to be verified for all the drunkening juice they decided to buy for whatever reason. That could change soon, however. Read More >>

Which? Has Warned Retailers About Connected Toys Because of ‘Worrying’ Security

If it's connected to the internet, it can be hacked. Repeat that mantra to yourself every time you think about buying a connected device that uses the internet to communicate. If it's collecting information, that information is at risk, especially if it's not being stored locally. The same goes for any sort of wireless connectivity. Read More >>