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John McAfee Doubles Down, Mocks Those Who Say They Hacked the Unhackable Crypto Wallet

John McAfee insists that the Bitfi, his secure cryptocurrency wallet, is unhackable. Even though people have rooted it, ported Doom onto it, and broke into intercept communications for a 'man in the middle' attack. But McAfee is unimpressed. The man best known for his work on anti-virus software and various eccentricities has insisted that none of this matter as long as the cryptocoins remain safe. Read More >>

Proposed Australia Law Threatens Companies With £5.6 Million Fines Because it Doesn’t Understand Encryption

Remember last year when the Australian Attorney General declared that the laws of mathematics were somehow subservient to the laws of Australia? Now there's a baffling new law being proposed that would hit tech companies with a $10 million AUD (£5.6 million) fine for failing to hand over encrypted data when presented with a warrant. Read More >>

Older Fire TV Devices are Getting New Protection Against Android Malware

Android isn't exactly known for having top-notch security, especially since you can sideload just about anything you want and the older versions of the OS don't get significant updates. Back in June we heard about a nasty virus that had been affecting some older Fire TV devices, and now Amazon's rolling out an update to keep them more secure. Read More >>

Hackers Can Turn Body Cameras Into Malware Spewing Machines, Security Expert Says

Once lauded as tools to enhance police accountability, body cameras have been facing increasing scrutiny from privacy advocates, and now one researcher has identified them as cybersecurity time bombs. Speaking to Wired ahead of a Def Con presentation, Josh Mitchell, a consultant at the security firm Nuix, demonstrated that many body cameras are vulnerable to hacking, making several different nightmare scenarios possible: officers themselves could be tracked while wearing the cameras, footage could be doctored or deleted entirely, and the cameras could be hijacked to spread ransomware or other malicious code throughout police networks. Read More >>

Butlin’s Has Computers Now and They Got Hacked

Youth internment chain Butlin's has joined the list of shame that records mass public hackings, with the company saying that the details of around 34,000 guests have been obtained by hackers. Read More >>

China Tests Hypersonic Aircraft Capable of Penetrating US Missile Defence Systems

China claims to have successfully tested a hypersonic aircraft capable of reaching speeds in excess of Mach 6, or 4,563 miles per hour. The cutting-edge vehicle has the potential to penetrate US missile defence systems and be refitted to include a nuclear warhead. Read More >>

Teenager Hacked John McAfee’s ‘Unhackable’ Crypto-Wallet, Used it to Play Doom

John McAfee hasn't had a good time of it recently. Not only was he hospitalised after allegedly being poisoned, a breach exposed the data of people who bought into his cryptocurrency - despite him labelling it "simple and secure". The McAfee founder also has a crypto-wallet which he had described as "unhackable", offering $250,000 to anyone who could break in and steal the coins. Well someone has broken into it, and now it's running the original Doom. Read More >>

Medical Records of 90 Million People Left Vulnerable to Critical Security Flaws

Security researchers have found more than 20 bugs in the world’s most popular open source software for managing medical records. Many of the vulnerabilities were classified as severe, leaving the personal information of an estimated 90 million patients exposed to bad actors. Read More >>

Venezuelan Officials Allege Attempted Drone Assassination on President Nicolas Maduro

Venezuelan government officials say that two explosions at a military assemblage in Caracas on Saturday was in fact an attempt on President Nicolas Maduro’s life using bomb-carrying drones – and though the exact nature of just what happened is still being disputed, the idea that it indeed involved bomb drones isn’t as far-fetched as it sounds. Read More >>

Huawei Security Concerns Apparently Stem From Use of Old Software

Huawei has been in the news a lot recently, for mixed reasons. The company has found a lot of success with the launch of the P20 smartphone, especially here in the UK, but it's also been criticised for issues with its hardware's security - especially equipment used as part of the UK's telecoms infrastructure. It's not a new concern, and it's the reason why the Huawei Cyber Security Evaluation Centre exists to monitor for any cybersecurity issues mass-use of its equipment may pose to the UK. Now, though, it seems part of the problem is down to the age of the software being used. Read More >>

Amnesty International Targeted by Israeli-Made Spyware via WhatsApp

Human rights nonprofit Amnesty International on Tuesday disclosed what it says was a plot likely carried out by a hostile government to infiltrate its network by infecting a member of its staff with sophisticated spyware. Read More >>

Report: The SamSam Ransomware Has Extorted £4.5 Million, and One Person Might Be Behind It

A recent review by British cybersecurity firm Sophos in partnership with cryptocurrency firm Neutrino has concluded that the crew—or possibly one extremely proficient black hat hacker—behind the SamSam ransomware attacks have rolled in at least $5.9 million (£4.5 million) in ransom payments, according to BleepingComputer. Read More >>

Dixons Carphone Admits Last Year’s Hack Was Bigger Than it Realised

Last year high street retailer Dixons Carphone, owner of Currys and Carphone Warehouse, was hacked - something it discovered and announced back in June. Now it's revealed things were a lot more serious than it initially realised, and that 10 million customers could be affected. That's significantly more than the 1.2 million it told us about a month and a half ago. Read More >>

Turns Out That Football Putin Gave Trump Has an NFC Chip in It, But It’s Probably Harmless

While at a conference alongside Russian President Vladimir Putin at a high-profile conference in Helsinki this month, Donald Trump took some time out of relentlessly praising his counterpart—a former KGB foreign intelligence officer and currently suspected US election-meddler—to accept a gift of one Adidas AG football. Turns out that model of football has a chip in it. Read More >>

Here’s Why Google Chrome Is Telling You Your Favourite Sites Aren’t Secure

Google’s throwing its weight around and using its latest edition of its Chrome browser to make the web a little safer by shaming sites that haven’t implemented the more secure data transfer protocol HTTPS--which keeps bad actors from digitally watching over your shoulder as you browser. BBC reported the browser’s URL bar will not show the phrase “Not secure” when visiting sites that have failed to implement HTTPS. It could be the kick in the pants companies need to finally secure those websites. Read More >>