Sega’s Got A Winter Sale Happening On Steam

The Christmas/boxing day/we-would-like-your-money-please-don't-question-it-too-much sales continue, and the latest brand to add its name to the list is Sega. Read More >>

The Guys Behind the Best NES and SNES Clones Have Built the Ultimate Sega Console

While companies like Nintendo and Sony are content to cram a smattering of back-catalogue titles into a tiny box to cash in on gaming nostalgia, Analogue has instead focused on making it easy for devoted retro gamers to enjoy all of their favourite classic games by making them shine on modern TVs. To date, the company has focused on Nintendo, but its new Mega Sg is its first throwback console for Sega fans. Read More >>

This Kit Lets You Make Your Old SNES Controllers Completely Wireless

For five years, 8Bitdo has been creating near-perfect wireless clones of your favourite classic gamepads, improving the experience of emulating retro games on modern devices. But if near-perfect isn’t perfect enough for your discerning gaming tastes, the company is now selling kits that should make it dead easy to upgrade your original Nintendo and Sega controllers with Bluetooth, without requiring any electronics know-how, or soldering. Read More >>

Sega Returns to Weirdness With Only Fools and Horses Plushies

Sega's arcade division is still ludicrously mad after all these years, with 2018's insanity highlighted by a deal with BBC Studios to create a series of plush toys based on... Only Fools and Horses. Read More >>

People Agree New Sonic The Hedgehog Thing Looks Good

Something new has been announced featuring Sonic The Hedgehog and the overall reaction from all the demographics seems to be incredibly positive. This hasn't happened since about 1995, and there's a good reason for that. It's not a video game and Sega hasn't been involved in its construction. It's shoes made by someone else. Read More >>

Mad Genius Brings Flappy Bird Back From the Dead on Dreamcast Memory Card

As Sega’s Hail Mary pass on hardware, the Dreamcast wasn’t exactly the miracle the company prayed for. But the long-dead console still has a massive fanbase, as a clever hacker who managed to port the infinitely addictive Flappy Bird to the Dreamcast’s interactive memory card recently demonstrated. Read More >>

Brazil’s Obsession With the Sega Mega Drive Won’t Slow Down

Hardcore gamers might scoff at the notion of a 16-bit gaming system, but they clearly haven’t been to Brazil, where systems like the original Sega Mega Drive (or Genesis, as it's known in North America) are still among the most dominant forms of gaming. The demand for retro consoles is so high, a company called Tectoy has announced it will begin manufacturing the Sega Mega Drive in Brazil. Read More >>

SEGA Finally Takes Emulation Legit With Classics Steam Game Hub on PC

SEGA is about to make PC emulation of its classic back catalogue of Mega Drive games official for the first time, via the SEGA Mega Drive Classics Hub -- a SEGA-backed emulation package to be released and maintained through the Steam PC network. Read More >>

Dreamcast Sales ROCKET to 1999 Levels in Wake of Shenmue III Announcement

The Dreamcast is seeing a dramatic uprise in sales according to word from surviving independent game shops out on the high street, with interest in the once beloved niche games machine leaping due to the announcement of Shenmue III. Read More >>

Shenmue 3 is a Sad Cash-in on Gaming’s Pioneering Past

So the internet's decided Shenmue is the greatest thing ever, has it? So where were all these people and their shouty capital letters of amazement and money-throwing GIFs back in 2000, then, when the game first came out on Sega's Dreamcast in the UK to be met by a tsunami of indifference? Read More >>

virtual reality
The Sega VR Headset That Never Was

With Oculus Rift making Pierce Brosnan's Lawnmower Man nightmares ever more likely, it can be fascinating glancing back at the many (many) failed attempts at getting such a long-trumpeted tech advance properly off the ground. Now a new British-made book on Sega's Mega Drive era has unearthed some rarely seen sketches of what the world's then-premier gaming firm had planned for virtual reality. Read More >>

What Would a Dreamcast be Like in 2014?

It's 15 years today since Dreamcast launched in North America, five weeks before hitting the UK. D.R.E.A.M.C.A.S.T. It was a games console. No, it was nothing like the PlayStation 2. Yes, it was really called Dreamcast, even in the UK. Read More >>

Creator of Shenmue Researching Kickstarter Options for Shenmue III

Yu Suzuki, architect of many Sega classics and creator of the Shenmue trilogy that was abandoned after only two chapters, is "researching" the idea of crowd-funding a Shenmue III. At a GDC presentation he said he'd like to make it if "the right opportunity" came along, expanding on this to tell Eurogamer he's looking at ways to get the lost Dreamcast generation to pay for its creation. [Eurogamer] Read More >>