Lime Launches Global Recall of Some E-Scooters Over Reports They Can Break While Being Used

Just weeks after Lime said it pulled some of its electric scooters from the streets of major cities over their alleged potential to catch fire, it has now issued a global recall of some of its scooters over claims that they can break apart during use. Read More >>

Fight Between Lime and Segway Over Alleged Flaming Scooters Is Getting Heated

The heat is on in an apparent fight between two e-scooter companies after Lime said earlier this week that some of the batteries made by one of its manufacturers, Segway Ninebot, could catch fire. Now, Segway is squaring up against the allegation, suggesting instead that Lime doesn’t understand how batteries work. Read More >>

Apparently Segway Makes Robots Now

When you're at a big tech show it's not uncommon to see robots all over the place, for a variety of reasons. There are toy robots, performing robots, and I've even seen a demo of a robot samurai being controlled via a 5G network. This year's IFA came with something else, though. On display were autonomous robots that were also Segways, which is a weird combination of things I definitely never thought I'd be able to see. Read More >>

It Looks Like Segway’s New Owners Finally Found a Way to Make Segways Fun

Watching videos of people flipping and falling off of two-wheeled hoverboards like the Segway miniPro is endlessly fun, but actually riding one and risking your neck? Not so much. According to Abacus News, however, Ninebot has created a kit that converts the miniPro into a steerable go-kart, eliminating the risk of falling and increasing the risk of actually having fun. Read More >>

You Can Soon Buy That Tiny Scooter That Looks Like a Laptop You Can Ride

A Segway you can carry in a laptop bag? That’s what Cocoa Motors promised when it revealed the WalkCar, an ultra-compact personal transport, last year. And finally, after a year of perfecting its design, the WalkCar will be available for pre-order starting on October 21st. Read More >>

This Segway Scooter is What the Hoverboard Should Have Been

Remember that hoverboard craze? The fun toys that were mostly manufactured in China were a huge pop cultural phenomenon. That is until they started exploding and catching on fire, due to really terrible quality control of their poorly manufactured batteries. So the hoverboards were banned pretty much everywhere. Planes, trains, coffee shops, you name it, the hoverboard was banned. “Don’t bring your exploding human transportation device anywhere near my artisanal coffee shop,” a store owner might say. Read More >>

Segways Banned from Barcelona’s Packed Tourist Runs

The Segway has become quite the thing in Barcelona, where tour guides hire the big scooters out to give sightseers an easier way to travel around the waterfront area of Ciutat Vella. But that's about to come to an end, as locals have won a battle to have them outlawed for the rest of the summer. Read More >>

Segway is Taking a Stand on Hoverboards (They Hate Them)

In September, Segway filed a lawsuit against Inventix for the 'Hoverboard', claiming a violation of their patents. On December 23, Segway filed two more suits, adding Razor and Swagway to the list. Read More >>

Police are After a Smooth London Criminal With a Getaway Hoverboard

London's Met Police would like to talk to a man seen riding a hoverboard. Not because he was breaking the rules of the road, but because he was committing the much more serious crime of robbery -- and using one of the wheeled scooter things to escape. Read More >>

Keep Your Stupid Balance Scooter in the Kitchen — They’re Illegal on UK Roads and Pavements

The Crown Prosecution Service has updated its road traffic offences guidelines to make reference to the bizarre Chinese Segway knock-off trend that's storming the world. And it's not good news for children hoping for one for Christmas -- they're illegal. On roads. And pavements. Read More >>

Unfortunate London Tech Hipster Mugged for His Segway

A man bravely and futuristically travelling the streets of Enfield on a Segway had a bit of trouble this weekend, after a gang of men jumped out of a car, hit him, and stole the modern unicycle from him. Read More >>

Segway is Suing the Makers of One of Those Things That Isn’t a Hoverboard

The Inventist Hovertrax is a £970 auto-balancing skateboard that is very much not a hoverboard. It is also, according to Segway, in violation of a host of patents. Read More >>

What’s This Generation’s Segway?

A recent Reuters report makes a fairly sound case for the demise of Google Glass, which is obviously giving headline writers across the internet the opportunity to label it as This Generation's Segway. But that's far too important a title to give away without a long discussion and the posting of many, many GIFs of people falling off Segways. In the name of science, of course. Read More >>

Segway Trike Manages to Defeat the Purpose of Segway

It's almost as if Segway decided to make its own non-balancing Segway knock-off , but there are actually strategic reasons for adding that third wheel, the company claims. Read More >>