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Ripley’s Watch From ‘Aliens’ Will Hug Your Wrist, Not Your Face

If you’re a fan of the Alien movies, there’s a wee chance you’ll be interested in this little baby. Seiko’s started selling the Spirit Smart SCED035 watch, which is inspired by the Seiko Giugiaro 7A28-7000 worn by Sigourney Weaver's Ellen Ripley in Aliens. Read More >>

A Space-Inspired Watch That’s Strengthened by a Sapphire Dome

As a follow-up to its original Astron watch that used a low-power GPS chip to automatically set the time based on wherever in the world it was, Seiko's new Stratosphere version features mostly aesthetic upgrades. But that doesn't mean anyone with the original model won't want to upgrade. Read More >>

10 James Bond Gadgets That Actually Exist — And One That Needs To

There have been 23 Bond movies made In the past 50 years — full of lethal, handy, futuristic, awesome, and sometimes funny gadgets. Most are still too fantastic to be real, but some have transcended the silver screen to become naturalised residents of the Real World. These are our favourites. Read More >>

Seiko Jumps on the Dangerously Overloaded Star Wars Merchandise Bandwagon

A new range of watches from Seiko celebrates the good and the bad of Star Wars, updating some of its existing BRIGHTZ range models with colour schemes and etched character designs from the patchy sci-fi franchise. Read More >>