Waymo Wants to Delay Its October 11th Court Date With Uber

Waymo, the self-driving car company spun off of Google’s parent company Alphabet in 2016, scored a major win earlier this month when a federal appeals court ordered Uber to hand over secret documentation related to the two company’s ongoing legal battle. Read More >>

Ford Funded That Weirdo in a Car Seat Costume Who Pretended to be a Self-Driving Car

At first, it seemed to be a quirky prank—a man was driving around town dressed up like a car seat and convincing people his car had no one at the wheel. Then we learned that it was all a shadowy research project by Virginia Tech. And now we know that Ford was behind the whole thing and it’s all for science. Read More >>

Waymo Just Dropped Nearly All of Its Patent Claims Against Uber

Waymo and Uber have reached an agreement in their ongoing legal fight—Waymo will drop the majority of its patent infringement claims and Uber will promise not to resume development of its defunct, allegedly infringing lidar device, Spider. Read More >>

Emails Show Travis Kalanick Worried For Years About Google’s Self-Driving Car Efforts

Emails contained in a new legal filing show Uber’s former CEO, Travis Kalanick, fretted for years about other companies outstripping Uber in the race to develop autonomous vehicles and use them for ridesharing, and once sought a partnership with Google to ensure that Uber could win the race. In one email, Kalanick complained to Google chief legal officer and senior vice president of corporate development David Drummond (who served on Uber’s board for several years before stepping down in 2016) that Alphabet CEO Larry Page was avoiding him. Read More >>

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This Was the Futuristic Robot Chauffeur of 1911

Predictions about driverless cars became incredibly popular in the 1950s and 60s. But the idea is nearly as old as the automobile itself. One example? This short film from 1911, featuring a robot chauffeur. Read More >>

Who Does This Self-Driving Cadillac CT6 Belong To?

An anonymous tipster shared a photo of a Cadillac CT6, outfitted with autonomous driving sensors and scanners, which they spotted parked in Pittsburgh yesterday. Read More >>

Uber’s Self-Driving Unit Gets New Head of Hardware After Levandowski Firing

Little more than a week after Uber dismissed the embattled engineer at the helm of its self-driving car project, the company is appointing a new head of hardware engineering to help lead its development of autonomous vehicles. Read More >>

How Will Companies Convince Us That Self-Driving Cars Aren’t Death Traps?

Since we’re all friends here on the internet, I’ll let you in on a little secret: I hate driving. I drive too slowly, lurch violently when I change lanes, and the thought of having to merge onto a speeding California highway makes my heart speed up a little even as I write this. I’m no good at driving and never have been. Read More >>

Maybe Apple’s Car Project Isn’t So Screwed After All

Apple’s secret car project may still have some life left in it. The company secured a permit for testing autonomous driving technology in California on public roads, which is one of the first official confirmations that Apple is indeed researching self-driving technology in an effort to compete with Google and Tesla. Read More >>

First Self-Driving Car Race On a Pro Track Ends With a Crash

Those in attendance at the Formula E Buenos Aires ePrix witnessed history yesterday. Roborace debuted what’s being billed as the first competitive race between self-driving cars on a professional Formula E track. How’d it go? Great! Or, it was at least great for the winning car. Read More >>

Ford Is Spending $1 Billion On A New Self-Driving Car Project

Argo AI is the focus of a one billion investment over the next five years from Ford, in a bid to collaborate on the car maker's autonomous vehicle offering. Read More >>

Refusing to Hit Brakes, Uber Moves Its Self-Driving Taxi Programme to Arizona

The day after the California DMV revoked Uber’s registration for its 16-car self-driving pilot programme, the ride-hailing giant announced it’s packing up and moving to Arizona to start-up a near-identical programme. In a statement to Venturebeat, a spokesperson said: Read More >>

Elon Musk: Fully Self-Driving Tesla Car Almost Ready and Will “Blow People’s Minds”

After years of dithering, I've only just managed to get around to getting a provisional driver's license. But if Elon Musk has his way, it won't be worth the laminated card it's printed on before long – the Tesla boss has teased that the company's first fully-autonomous driverless car is almost ready to be revealed. Read More >>

Everything We Can Piece Together About Apple’s Mysterious Car Project

It’s 2016, and Apple’s mysterious, oft-buzzed about car project is still tucked away under the “ideas that may or may not happen in this lifetime” section of the company’s filing cabinet. Despite a powerful rumour mill—former Apple board member Mickey Drexler once claimed it was Steve Jobs’ “dream” to make an iCar, and reports have repeatedly materialised over the years that Apple was in various stages of building its own vehicle—we’re still waiting, and the will-they-or-won’t-they nature of the project has us asking if we’ll ever see the vehicular version of Sasquatch. Read More >>