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Watch Gravity Punish This Paraglider for Using a Selfie Stick at 2,500 Feet

You’ve been told for years now to stop using selfie sticks. They’re obnoxious, they’re annoying to others, and they make everyone’s vacation photos look the same. It seems even gravity has now had enough of the stupid accessories, as this paraglider discovered while soaring at 2,500 feet in the air (starting at around 1:11 in the video below). Read More >>

Someone’s Crowdfunding A Dildo Selfie Stick

Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome to the Hall of Bad Ideas our latest inductee: the Sexfie Stick. Read More >>

Can You Really Hate a Selfie Stick That Cleverly Transforms Into a Smartphone Case?

It’s easy to hate selfie sticks; they’re the seedy underbelly of the camera-equipped smartphones we carry around. But it’s really hard to hate on the brilliantly-engineered Stikbox that hides a telescoping 28-inch long selfie stick on the back of your mobile device. Read More >>

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A Public Service Warning From Pizza Hut on the Dangers of Selfie Sticks

Pizza Hut stopped tasting good a long time ago. The company’s recent parody of selfie sticks, however, is spot on. Read More >>

A Fake Arm Selfie Stick Only Makes You Look Less Sad in Photographs

They’re being banned from museums, art galleries, and sporting events faster than people can buy them, but that’s OK because selfie sticks are awful and deserve to disappear. However, designers Justin Crowe and Aric Snee may have found a way to redeem them with a selfie stick that looks like a human arm so a self-shot can help hide someone’s crushing loneliness. Read More >>

Photoshop Challenge: Is There Anything Worse Than an iPad Selfie Stick?

Earlier today, we heard of a device that might be the very pinnacle of human garbage: the iPad Selfie Stick. But as we all know, things can always get worse. And that, dear readers, is where you come in. Read More >>

US Festivals are Now Banning Selfie Sticks, Too

Selfie sticks are very quickly being branded as a public hazard: the "wand of idiocy" is no longer welcome in dozens of museums and attractions, including many UK establishments. Now, it seems, festival-goers in America will have to forgo the sticks, as well, and go back to taking narcissistic photos like it's 2013. Read More >>

Selfie Sticks Banned from London’s National Gallery

The use of selfie sticks to take photos of your preened face with the smile that makes you look the most normal in front of artworks you know nothing about has been banned by the National Gallery, with the London home of art now insisting you don't make an idiot of yourself in public. Read More >>

Museums in Paris are Starting to Ban Selfie Sticks

Selfie sticks are a brilliantly simple and increasingly pervasive. But they're also ruffling feathers. How? High-profile museums in Paris are beginning to ban them over fears about potential damage to pieces of art. Read More >>