NASA Captures Impossible Glimpse of Kuiper Belt Object Billions of Miles Away

In about a year and a half from now, the New Horizons Spacecraft will whizz past a distant Kuiper Belt object named 2014 MU69. This rocky relic of the ancient Solar System—which is located about four billion miles away—just passed in front of a distant star, resulting in one of the more extraordinary eclipses ever captured by scientists. Read More >>

Does Sparkling Water Hydrate You or Leave You High and Dry?

Sometimes people go on sparkling water binges. It happens. Between cold cans, two litre bottles and SodaStreams it can be hard not to become totally captivated by the bubbly stuff. But sometimes it feels like all those bubbles are getting in the way of hydration. So does your body absorb effervescence differently? Writer and obsessive fizzy drinker, Noah Davis, wanted to find out. Read More >>