Space Weather Can Alter Electronic Voting Machines

When all sources of errors have been ruled out and 4,096 phony votes have still been given to a candidate, who do you blame? In some cases, these kinds of glitches may be coming from outer space, according to scientists who discussed this cosmic conundrum today at the annual meeting of American Association for the Advancement of the Sciences in Boston. Just to be clear, this does NOT mean that aliens influenced the 2016 US election. Read More >>

Gas Leak Causes Fatality at Korean Samsung Plant

A gas leak at a Samsung semiconductor plant in Hwaseong, Korea, last night killed a worker—and local news sources are suggesting that a cover-up by Sammy could be behind the incident. Read More >>

This Is How Graphene Will Grow the Flexible Semiconductors of the Future

As you should already know, graphene is the super thin, super strong, transparent, conductive, self-repairing material that's poised to revolutionise the future by not only super-charging batteries but also by giving us flexible semiconductors. This is how they get made. Read More >>