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CES 2018: Sennheiser’s First Home Audio Product is a 3D Sound Bar That Blew My Mind

If you’re like me, you know Sennheiser as that sleek German company that makes dependably terrific headphones and microphones. That’s about to change. Read More >>

These Earbuds Record 3D Audio Using a Classic Technique

At CES last year, Sennheiser showed off its first 3D audio product, the Ambeo VR Mic. This year, the company is bringing that 3D audio tech to consumers by way of the Ambeo Smart Surround, a pair of earphones that let you listen to and record 3D sound. Read More >>

Sennheiser’s Built Probably the World’s Best Headphones—But They Cost Over £35k

In the 1990s, Sennheiser asked it engineers to make the best headphones ever and the result was 300 sets of the legendary Orpheus, each pair of which sold for £10,000. Now, Sennheiser has created an ever better-sounding successor to those luxurious cans but they come with a hefty $55,000 price tag attached – that's the equivalent of just over £35,000 converted to sterling. Yikes. Read More >>

Sennheiser’s New £380 Wireless Headphones Only Work Well With a Wire

I love Sennheiser’s very expensive, very handsome wireless headphones. But, unfortunately, I can’t use my Sennheiser Momentum Wireless headset unless I plug in a cord. This is a big problem for wireless headphones — big enough that the company has now stopped shipping the product. Read More >>

Sennheiser’s Momentum Headphones are Now Wireless, Noise Cancelling

I've fallen in love with the Momentum headphones Sennheiser launched a few years ago. They're my go-tos: the cans that sit on my desk everyday. Usually, I don't care that somebody made existing headphones wireless or that they managed to make them noise cancelling. Bluetooth? Yawn. Noise cancelling? Whatevs. But I'm posting the Momentum wireless as an exception because I'm legitimately excited that they exist. Read More >>

Sennheiser Takes a Crack at Beats With Beefy “Urbanite” Headphones

Storied headphone brand Sennheiser has spent the last few years trying to evolve its design to capitalise on the huge market created by the Beats By Dre juggernaut. The company's new Urbanite headphones are its most direct shot yet. Read More >>

Sennheiser Joins Project Ara and the Phonebloks Modular Mobile Dream

Posh headphone maker Sennheiser has joined the Lego phone consortium, revealing that it'll be helping out with the audio side of the Phonebloks project. So high-end Sennheiser-branded audio bits are likely to make it into Google's Project Ara DIY phone system. Read More >>

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How Sennheiser Designs Serious Headphones For a Smartphone Generation

For decades, German audio company Sennheiser has made some of the best headphones you can buy, regardless of whether you're trying to keep it thrifty or splurge. In recent years, though, the legacy brand has had to adapt its technology to an era when how consumers listen to music has radically changed. Read More >>

Sennheiser’s Colourful Cans Probably Sound as Good as They Look

Sennheiser is usually known for high-end audio quality and rather clunky design. That changed, a little, with its Momentum headphones — but now Sennheiser has smartened up even further with these colourful cans. Read More >>

The Best Cheap Bluetooth Headphones

Bluetooth headphones have a whole bunch of advantages --mostly that there's no headphone cable to tie itself in Gordian-beating knots -- but one thing they sure ain't is cheap. That's why we've corralled together the best budget Bluetooth headphones going, to see if any of them have the chops to replace lower-priced cabled cans. Read More >>

The Best Bluetooth Headphones Money Can Buy

Wires suck. Fact -- they get lost, broken, or filched by unscrupulous flatmates. Better to do away with them altogether, which is why we've corralled together a collection of the best Bluetooth headphones money can buy, to see if any of them have the chops to replace good old-fashioned copper. The results, after a couple months of testing, are surprisingly positive. Read More >>

Sennheiser Orpheus
Sennheiser Orpheus HE90 First Listen: So This Is What £10,000 Headphones Sound Like

In the early '90s, Sennheiser gave its engineers a mission: make the best headphones ever, irrespective of price. They came up with the Orpheus HE90. Only 300 were made, and they were initially sold for £10,000. Today, they sell for upwards of £18,500 on eBay. Read More >>

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Sweet-Sounding Gifts for a Music Lover’s Sonic Snobbery

For people who are obsessed with music—no matter what kind—the gear they use to listen to hot tunes is sacred. Good headphones, speakers, and accessories make a big difference when it comes to sound quality. And that stuff doesn't have to cost a fortune! Here's a batch of Giz-approved gear for your audiophile friends and family. Read More >>

The Most Intense Ear Buds Sennheiser Has Ever Made

Holy crap, say hello to the Sennheiser IE 800 in-ear headphones. We haven't listened to them yet, but just reading about the crazy engineering behind these baby bits is making our pulse quicken. Read More >>

Hopefully Sennheiser’s Momentum Headphones Sound as Good as They Look

Sennheiser consistently produces excellent audio gear. But it doesn't always look the best. With their latest addition, the Momentum headphones, the company joins the ranks of companies like Aiaiai, Bowers & Wilkins, and Harman Kardon, who have take an very style-conscious approach to their headphones. Read More >>