This Tiny Patch Keeps Track of Your Heart and Body Chemistry at Once

This little device could one day replace heart rate monitors. The researchers behind it claim that it’s the first flexible wearable device able to measure both electrical heart signals and biochemical markers while you work out. Read More >>

Pencil Lines Can Turn a Piece of Paper Into a Simple Sensor

The graphite that slips from the point of your pencil onto a page may be of more use than simply writing and drawing. A team of researchers has shown that simple pencil lines can be used as an accurate sensor to measure the deformation of objects. Read More >>

Boston is Getting Solar-Powered Smart Benches in its Parks

Boston is rolling out new smart benches to parks around the city, which will use solar power to allow anyone to charge their phone on the go and record data about their surroundings at the same time. Why can't we have those? We could even try using mini wind turbines to compensate for the lack of sun. Read More >>

Apple Display Patent Uses Infrared Light to Detect Touch Pressure

A simpler method of measuring how hard children are jabbing their fingers at the "BUY" button inside tawdry free-to-play applications may be on the way from Apple, after patents for a new pressure sensitive touchscreen were unearthed. Read More >>

Soon, Office Paper Could Tell You If You’re Ill (Or Pregnant)

Researchers are developing new ways to make affordable, chemically-sensitive paper that could diagnose malaria, diabetes, pregnancy and plenty more—and it might even show up in your office. Read More >>