CES 2019: Sphero’s Sensor Ring Turns Everything Into an Instrument For Fidgety Finger Tappers

Hello. My name is Andrew Liszewski, and I’m an incessant finger tapper. Almost anything in reach can become an impromptu drum kit when I’m burning off nervous tension. It’s often incredibly annoying to those unfortunate enough to be in earshot, but soon my anxious behaviours could yield a future hit on the club scene with Sphero’s colour-sensing SpecDrums toy. Read More >>

Scientists Release Result from ‘Astonishing’ Feat of Creating and Testing Quantum Gas in Space

Last year, graduate student Dennis Becker watched from a safehouse as the MAIUS-1's sounding rocket took off from a launch facility in the Swedish Arctic. But even after repeated delays from snow and wind, he wouldn’t know for a few days whether the rocket’s payload survived. When the ambitious experiment dropped back to Earth after six spending six minutes in space, clouds made a helicopter retrieval impossible, and the project sat for days alone in the Swedish tundra, where the temperatures dropped to -30 degrees C (-22 F). Read More >>

This Video Streaming Breakthrough Could Lead to Smart Glasses You Might Actually Want to Wear

One of the many inconveniences that doomed wearable products like Google Glass and Snap’s Spectacles was the need to charge them every night. Streaming video and data requires a lot of power, and that takes a tremendous toll on a tiny battery. But engineers at the University of Washington say they’ve found a way to stream hi-def video that uses 10,000 times less power than current technologies. Read More >>

My Ultra-Competitive Side Loves This Sensor-Packed Smart Ball

A Bluetooth-connected foam ball packed with sensors and a battery you need to charge sounds like one of Silicon Valley’s worst ideas. Haven’t balls been adequately entertaining kids for centuries already? But it only took one toss of Play Impossible’s Gameball for me to understand why a ball upgraded with stat-tracking technology isn’t actually a terrible idea—I just wish it wasn’t so expensive. Read More >>

All the Sensors in Your Smartphone, and How They Work

Your smartphone is a remarkable feat of engineering. It’s half a dozen or more gadgets packed into a single slab. Much of it’s coolest feats are accomplished with a wide range of sensors — but what are they and what do they all actually do? Read More >>

Digital Headwear Could Control Phones by Thought

A hat with modern magical sensors in it could be the future of smartphone interaction, as its inventor claims it could one day be used to switch playlists on the fly by you just thinking about listening to Kids in America. Read More >>

Sensor Can Sniff Out 17 Diseases Using Just Your Breath

Usually, the only thing I can tell from another person’s breath is whether they’re drunk (or the last time they’ve brushed their teeth). But an international team of scientists has created a system that can diagnose disease solely from the chemicals you exhale. A disease fingerprint for your breath. A breathprint of death. A deathprint. Read More >>

Here’s The Urine-Detecting Electronic Nappy You Needed

Now I’m not a baby, but I can imagine it would be really cool if my parents just knew it was nappy changing time without me crying about it and disturbing everyone within a thirty-mile radius. A team at Ritsumeikan University in Japan gets it—they’re working on a urine-powered nappy sensor that can tell when it’s time for a changing. Read More >>

Jaguar’s Door Radar Could Stop Cyclists Getting Wiped Out in the Street

Jaguar Land Rover has had one of those ideas it has occasionally, and this one seems a bit more realistic and doable than all the ones about 3D transparent HUDs and the like. It's simple: sensors and motors that stop car doors being opened too far if the car's systems suggest you or your child is about to boot the door open and prang the thing you've parked next to. Read More >>

Tesla Attacks Former Supplier

The battle is on. Tesla is accusing Mobileye, a former supplier, of blocking the development of its own proprietary vision system used in the Autopilot driver-assistance feature. Read More >>

This Smartphone Sensor Lets You Peer Right Through Walls

You may never again have use for that stud sensor buried in your kitchen’s utility drawer with a new sensor for Android smartphones called the Walabot that promises to let your device peer right through walls revealing everything from pipes, to wiring, to even unwanted pests hiding between rooms. Read More >>

Sony Patents Glove of Power for PlayStation VR

Sony has filed a bundle of patents regarding a hand-based controller for its PlayStation VR headset -- or any VR headset that ever gains critical mass -- that uses a flexible sensor to track finger location and position along with other motion and place-in-space detection systems. Read More >>

Sensors Thinner Than Plastic Wrap Could Detect Breast Cancer

To beat cancer, early detection is crucial. Now, a team of Japanese and American scientists has revealed extremely thin sensors that could one day be built into skin-tight, tumour-detecting gloves for doctors, who can share digitised findings with other physicians. Read More >>

Everything’s Pointing to a Thinner, Smaller New iPhone

Apple's scientists are having a go at further miniaturising camera sensors, patenting a system that uses a curved sensor and lens to cram more optical bits and bobs in yet thinner spaces. Read More >>

MC10’s Wearable Sensors Are a First Step to Bioelectric Tattoos

The digital tattoos of the future have for years remained just that. But now a company called MC10 has announced two new commercial wearable devices that will stick to your skin to keep an eye on your health. Read More >>