This Crumbling, Abandoned Overpass is Becoming a Sky Garden

If you live in a post-industrial city, odds are good that it’s got its share of abandoned, blighted transport infrastructure. Some cities demolish it, some cities let it fester, and other cities repurpose it. In Seoul, South Korea, they’re choosing the latter. Read More >>

Eight Images of Hyper-Modern South Korea Compared With its Past

Korea has undergone rapid change over the last century, with Seoul metamorphosing from the first East Asian city to light its royal palace with electricity to arguably the most modern city in the world. Photographer Sungseok Ahn captured change by setting up a screen and projecting the old on top of the new. Read More >>

Seoul’s Government Installed a Giant Ear to Collect Citizen Complaints

There's something unsatisfying about making a traditional complaint. As you're filling out the form, you can almost see the government bureaucrat crumpling it up and throwing it away a few days later. Wouldn't it be great if you could just yell at the pencil pushers directly? In Seoul you can. Read More >>