Adnan Syed, Subject of Serial, Granted New Trial

Adnan Syed, the man whose murder conviction became the subject of the wildly popular Serial podcast, was granted a new trial by a court in the US; specifically, by Maryland’s second-highest court of appeals on Thursday. Whether that trial happens, however, still remains in limbo. Read More >>

Serial Recap, Episode One: “Duty Status Whereabouts Unknown”

Rejoice, for Serial has returned. The second season of the popular podcast is here, with a new case to try in the court of public opinion. Focused on the disappearance of Private Bowe Bergdahl in Afghanistan, this time around Serial is going big. Buckle up, kids. Read More >>

You Can Listen to the New Season of Serial Right Now

It’s been a year since the first season of Serial reached its conclusion. But now armchair detectives everywhere can immerse themselves in the new, second season because you can download the first episode right now. Read More >>

Crowdfunding Idiots Want to Hijack ‘Serial’

Serial is ending this week—but not without a crowdfunding campaign trying to attach itself onto the podcast's popularity first. "CrowdSolve - CrowdSourcing Adnan's Investigation" is the logical convergence of online vigilante justice and stupid crowdfunding, and it represents exactly what is wrong with internet culture today. Read More >>

Sherlock-Stumping Serial Podcast is Coming to BBC Radio

Serial, the phenomenally good podcast that's puzzling armchair detectives around the world, is to be broadcast on the radio by the BBC on its Radio 4 station. It's the first time that the real-life murder mystery has been available beyond the podcast format and, despite Serial's massive popularity in the States, the Beeb has bagged first dibs on broadcasting it on the wireless. Read More >>