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Samsung’s Crazy qHD Series 9 Ultrabook Can’t Get Here Fast Enough

Samsung is showing a 13-inch Series 9 ultrabook at IFA with a qHD 2,560x1,440 display. It's only a prototype, but here is the only reasonable reaction to that bit of news: Hell f*cking yes. Read More >>

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Samsung Series 9 2012 Lightning Review: Who Said Samsung Can’t Do Cool?

The Samsung Series 9 was one of the best Windows ultraportable laptops last year. Even though it didn't quite keep up on specs or benchmarks with some of the top-end machines, it was the most usable of the bunch. This year, as ultrabooks have made massive improvements over the past generation, the Series 9 remains one of the best. But it's still not perfect. Read More >>

If You Must Persist With a 15-Inch Laptop, Samsung’s Ultrabook Series 9 Is the World’s Thinnest

This slimline beauty is Samsung's latest attempt at styling up a super-skinny ultrabook, the company's 15" Series 9 N900X4C. Read More >>