Apple Q2 2019 Earnings Show iPhone Business Stalling, But Services Expanding at Rapid Pace

Everyone has a theory: Maybe it’s that iPhones are too expensive. Maybe it’s that Apple’s quality control seems weaker, or that they’ve alienated consumers by removing consumer-friendly features like the headphone jack. Maybe it’s that iPhones keep getting more and more expensive at a time when consumers have realised the price premium isn’t worth it in an age of excellent mid-range phones, or just that consumers are upgrading less often. Maybe it’s all of these, or something else entirely. Read More >>

Apple Needs to do a Better Job of Offering its ‘Services’ to Non-Apple Users

Last night Apple had one of its famous launch events, the kind it usually reserves for the biggest announcements and product launches. Yesterday's wasn't about a new iPhone, Macbook, or anything else like that; it was all about an update on the 'service' sector of Apple's business. The non-hardware side of its revenue stream, which has included the likes of iTunes, Apple Music, the iOS App Store, and others. While it's nice to hear about yet another video streaming service you're expected to pay for, there was a clear problem with the whole thing: the distinct lack of support for people who don't buy Apple products. Read More >>

Is a 24-Hour Pub on a Motorway a Brilliant or Utterly Terrible Idea?

It seems the government has given the go-ahead for a motorway-services pub, issuing a license to serve alcohol from 8am till 1am on the M40 at junction two. Genius or an absolute disaster waiting to happen? Read More >>