How to Fix Your Privacy on Android

We’ve already shown you how to take control of your privacy settings on Apple’s iOS and now it’s time to turn our attention to Google’s mobile operating system. Follow the tips below to limit what apps can access, the amount of personal data leaked back to the cloud, how much attention Google is paying to what you do on your smartphone, and more. Read More >>

How to Prioritise (and Delete) Wifi Networks in OS X

OS X lets you take command of all the Wi-Fi networks your laptop has logged in its memory, so your machine won’t try and connect to the next-door coffee shop before your home network. Here’s how to trim down the list and make sure you’re connecting to the right networks first. Read More >>

How To Opt Out of Google’s Shared Endorsements

Google recently announced an update to its Terms of Service, focused on displaying your profile name and photo next to advertisements and reviews. The new feature, which goes into effect on November 11, is called Shared Endorsements and will allow you to share your recommendations (whether a +1 on Google Play or a restaurant rating on Google Maps) with your connections. Read More >>

The Most Fun You’ll Ever Have With Facebook Privacy Settings

You know the drill. Facebook's changing its privacy settings; it's time to make sure all your shit is locked down tight. We've all been through it like a million times. But the folks over at Us Vs Th3m turned it into a game. It's glorious. Read More >>

xbox one
Xbox One’s UI Demonstrated and it’s Windows Tiling All the Way

This week's Gamescom gaming event is giving us lots more info on the software we'll be playing with on the new hardware that's arriving later this year, with Microsoft giving show visitors a complete look at its reworked Xbox dashboard and the new features it's sliding in. Read More >>