Two Workers Are Dead After Partial Building Collapse at Amazon Warehouse

Two men were killed in a partial building collapse at an Amazon Fulfillment Center in the US city of Baltimore late Friday in an incident resulting from severe weather, an Amazon executive confirmed Saturday. Read More >>

hurricane harvey
Harvey is Back Out to Sea But Not Finished Yet

Harvey inflicted catastrophic damage this past weekend, decimating the Texas coast as a Category 4 Hurricane, dumping feet of rain and bringing massive floods. But it’s still a Tropical Storm, and it is not finished yet. Read More >>

The Vicious Cycle Emerging Between War and Severe Weather

The world has changed a lot in the past 12 months, with political conflict focusing the world on immediate crises, not the distant future. But a group of scientists are are showing how these conflicts will affect our ability to adapt to climate change down the road –  and our ability to survive as a human race. Read More >>