We Need to Make Sure the Super Sewer Won’t Destroy London, and Soon

The National Audit Office (NAO) has revealed that it still needs to work out whether or not the £4 billion super sewer that’s set to be built beneath London won’t actually, you know, flood the Underground transport network with shit and screw with the foundations of Elizabeth Tower. Read More >>

Boris Johnson Set to Reveal London’s Giant New Poo Pipe

Boris Johnson is set to present London’s massive new shit pipe later today. Thankfully, it’s not his backside, but the 75m-deep Lee Tunnel ‘super sewer’, which stretches 4.3 miles long and runs between Thames Water's Abbey Mills pumping station and Beckton sewage works. Read More >>

Wading Through the Shit: Why I Hate Telling People I Work at a Sewage Farm

Irritation can take many forms, from listening to tinny music on bad headphones to enduring being served by over-trendy hipster baristas in over-trendy coffee shops. Read More >>

Concrete-Dissolving Bacteria are Destroying Sewers

Underground in places nobody likes to look, bacteria are doing terrible things to our sewage pipes. The concrete pipes that carry our waste are literally dissolving away, forcing engineers into a messy, expensive battle against tiny microbes. Read More >>

Finally, a Way to Remove and Reuse Valuable Particles from Wastewater

When you flush the toilet, you're sending a lot of bad stuff into the sewer. But what you might not realise is that you're flushing away a lot of good stuff, too. That's why a team of German scientists have developed a method for recovering those valuable particles. Read More >>

Ecstasy in London? Heroin in Zagreb? The Answer is Found in the Sewers

Drug users might be less than forthright about their illicit habits—but they all have to pee. With that in mind, scientists are drug-testing entire sewer systems to see what drugs they can trace. Read More >>

Toilet Paper Map Reveals Crap Trends Worldwide

We all have to poop, but how we deal with it changes with age. For babies, it's nappies. For the elderly, it's, well, adult nappies. For most of the rest of us, it's toilet paper. Read More >>

Is Human Urine the Future of Fertiliser?

Among the things I found mortifying about my parents when I was a teenager was their habit of leaving buckets of urine in the bathroom. Instead of flushing all that phosphorous-nitrogen-rich liquid down the toilet, they saved it for our backyard vegetable garden. Urine as fertiliser has since become a hip idea among some eco-minded backyard farmers. Read More >>

Deadly Superbugs Are Breeding Like Crazy in Chinese Sewage Plants

Prepare your immune system because what you're about to read will make you sick. No, seriously, it's dangerous. Like Contagion level dangerous. Read More >>

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Here’s How Those Massive, Disgusting Fatbergs Are Removed From Under London

Think your job sucks? Try being a sewer "flusher". Your job would be to maintain and manually clean the pipes from all the literal crap and fat that everyone flushes down the bog and the drain. It's the stuff we'd rather forget about, but unfortunately these poor chaps can't. Read More >>

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What Happens to Your Poop After You Flush It?

Though we may think we pump out roses, when it's go time on the ivory throne, nobody in their right mind would actually want to keep those roses around. So flush them away and down the magical toilet they go! But where do they go? Read More >>

Bug- “Fixing” SimCity Update Bursts Your City’s Poop-Pipes

As if SimCity players haven't had enough of putting up with EA's always-on DRM nightmare of a game, there's now a new form of excrement to deal with thanks to a bug that breaks the city's sewers and introduces many more problems than it's supposed to fix. Read More >>

Without Trucks, the Tallest Building In the World Would Become the Tallest Mountain of Poop

When I saw the Burj Khalifa in real life I was truly stunned. Indeed, tallest skyscraper in the world defies belief. Today I learned something that also defies belief: all the poop produced there has to be removed by trucks. Read More >>