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IFA 2019: Germany’s Biggest Tech Show is Getting Sexy With This Bendy Bullet Vibrator

CES might have a problem with vibrators, but IFA sure doesn’t. Europe’s premier consumer tech show had zero problems with MysteryVibe announcing the Poco – a little bendy bullet vibrator that according to the company, can be “shaped as a wearable.” Read More >>

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CES Supports Sex Now

In January, administrators from the Consumer Technology Association (CTA), the organisation that puts on CES, rescinded an innovation award from a sex toy company for being “immoral, obscene, indecent, profane or not in keeping with CTA’s image.” Five months later, and the organisation has decided that the technically impressive piece of hardware is deserving of its recognition after all. Even if you can have sex with it. Read More >>

CES Will Honour Your Innovation so Long as You Can’t Have Sex With It

At this year’s CES Innovation Awards—the consumer electronic show’s “annual competition honouring outstanding design and engineering in consumer technology products”—a sex toy company was selected as an honouree in the Robotics and Drone category, only to have their award swiftly rescinded by the organisation's administrators after they deemed it “immoral” and ineligible. Read More >>

Woman Does Lord’s Work, Makes Smart Vibrator

The vagina and clitoris are a mysterious things. No, seriously they are. Scientists make big bucks studying the penis, but the vagina and clitoris often languish in official research circles. They languish in the bedroom too. Read More >>