The First Sex Robot Was Conceived in Ancient Greece

The age of android brothels and lifelike sex robots may seem cutting edge – until you’ve heard the story of the man who had sex with his ivory sculptures, and the Greeks who habitually had public intercourse with statues. Read More >>

Amazon’s 24-Hour Condom Deal Saves You From Parenthood, Bankruptcy

If all you want for Christmas is sleep, time and money (that'll be everyone then), Amazon has a festive 24-hour special for you. Read More >>

Sex and Robots: An Interview With Dr. Kate Devlin

Whenever the words "sex" and "robots" find their way into the mainstream media, the narrative tends to be more farcical soap opera than a reflection of reality: where a histrionic and sensationalist tone dictates the terms of the conversation. Read More >>

black friday
Amazon’s Condom Deal Is Officially The Biggest Ever Saving On Black Friday

Amazon were the big proponents of Black Friday in the UK, and now they've officially claimed the Gizmodo UK title for the Best Black Friday Deal of All Time. Read More >>

Over 8 Per Cent of Americans Believe They Are Struggling With Compulsive Sexual Behaviour and Thoughts

Sex and everything that revolves around it can no doubt be stressful and confusing, at least some of the time. But for a decent chunk of Americans, a new survey suggests, their sexual hangups might be causing them a significant amount of mental anguish. Read More >>

Sainsbury’s Begins Stocking Vibrating Pink Things for Sex Reasons

We've been trying to write about this in a gender-neutral way for the last 20 minutes, but it's quite tough. The new Sainsbury's range of sex toys is probably aimed entirely at women, but we must point out that men could also use them too. Perhaps to better stir their porridge, mix the paint for the hallway, or to make martinis that are best shaken instead of stirred, as they are fully waterproof. Read More >>

Contraceptive App Told to Stop Blagging it

It's one thing when an advert misleadingly suggests that processed rice makes the cornerstone of a healthy breakfast for a child, but when an ad for an app tells users it can stop them from having babies by looking at their phone before sex, well, that's a bit more important. Read More >>

Gardener Fed Up of People Having Sex With His Lady Hedge

A man's hedge lady is being assaulted by drunk people, who routinely mount the ornate carving at all hours of the night on their way home from wherever currently sells the cheapest beer in Sheffield. Read More >>

Study: Tinder Users Aren’t Having More Casual Sex Than the Average Horny Person

If you’ve been holding off on joining Tinder because it carries the stigma of being an app for hookups, have no fear: a new study published in the journal Personality and Individual Differences found no one on Tinder is actually having sex. Read More >>

birth control
Birth Control Probably Doesn’t Change Who You’re Attracted to, Study Finds

A commonly touted theory about how women’s attraction to men works might be all wrong, suggests a new paper published this week in Psychological Science. Prior, small experiments have found that birth control pills and ovulation could change a woman’s sexual preferences. Now, a large new study has found that women’s preferences for men’s faces are reliably stable, regardless of whether they’re taking birth control pills or whether they’re ovulating. Read More >>

Avengers Sex Toys, Assemble!

Late last year Australian sex toy maker Geeky Sex Toys gave us serious pause. At the time it was producing sex toys based off Star Wars, including a seriously optimistic rendition of Yoda’s verdant dong, and there was no clear reason why the company wasn’t saddled with so many cease and desists from Disney as to leave a dildo-shaped crater in the Australian landscape. Now it’s getting naughty with Disney’s stable of Marvel superheroes, too. Read More >>

Flies Love to Ejaculate, Experiment Finds

If there’s one thing I know about human males, it’s that they love ejaculating. It can sometimes seem like their entire existence is motivated by a need to shoot sperm and seminal fluid from their genitalia. But have you ever wondered from where they acquired such a desire? Read More >>

These Male Hummingbirds Manipulate the Sound of Their Flying to Attract Mates

Birds have evolved some very strange features and behaviours in order to woo mates. Birds-of-paradise feathers are a natural vantablack. Bowerbirds build elaborate and colourful nests. And it seems that Costa’s hummingbirds control how females hear the sound of their dives. Read More >>

This Incredible New Footage of a Butterfly Laying Eggs Will Make You Love Bugs

If you haven’t taken a moment to really look at butterflies, you’re missing out. They’re more than just colourful bugs—they’re a group of insects consisting of almost 20,000 species of all sorts of incredible shapes and sizes. Their magic truly comes alive when you look up close. Read More >>

The Fungi That Cause Athlete’s Foot Have Given Up On Sex

For the vast majority of living things, there’s nothing particularly sexy about sex. It’s mostly just an exhausting and dangerous hassle (just ask the insects who get their body parts stabbed or bitten off while mating). Read More >>