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CES Supports Sex Now

In January, administrators from the Consumer Technology Association (CTA), the organisation that puts on CES, rescinded an innovation award from a sex toy company for being “immoral, obscene, indecent, profane or not in keeping with CTA’s image.” Five months later, and the organisation has decided that the technically impressive piece of hardware is deserving of its recognition after all. Even if you can have sex with it. Read More >>

The Nation is Having Less Sex Nowadays

The rates at which people across the nation are bothered and/or allowed to have sex are falling, with both men and women over the age of 25 finding themselves too busy, too hot, too cold, too full, too irritated or too distracted to bother going through the whole process at all. Read More >>

Condoms Recalled Due to Bursting Threat

If you happen to have a batch of unused condoms lying about slowly reaching the end of their shelf life, your luck might finally be in – Durex is recalling several batches of them. So you can get your money back, or a new batch of condoms to sit around gradually reaching the end of their shelf life. Read More >>

These Are the Drugs People Like to Mix With Sex, According to a New Study

Men and women across all sexual orientations are up for mixing drugs and sex, suggests the results of a new study out earlier this week. As part of a larger survey, it found that plenty of gay, bisexual, and heterosexual people admitted to having sex while on drugs, and some explicitly used drugs to enhance their sexual experiences. Read More >>

YouPorn’s Sexy Lingo Teaches You to Flirt in World Languages

If you've been meaning to learn a language but haven't quite found the right incentive, YouPorn is here for you. They've just launched Sexy Lingo, a kind of DuoLingo for horny people, in which you learn "the basics," "starting a conversation," "flirting," and "closing the deal" (grim) in four world languages. Read More >>

The Fake Sex Doctor Who Conned the Media Into Publicising His Bizarre Research on Suicide, Kink, and Bestiality (NSFW) 

Warning: This article includes discussion about suicide and sexual assault. The subject sometimes speaks about sensitive mental health topics with language that departs from best practices. Read More >>

ces 2019
CES 2019: Is CES Afraid Of Sex or Women or Both?

CES, the annual conference showcasing the cutting-edge in consumer tech, has a reputation for not only being dominated by men, but largely catering to them. That bias was spectacularly on display this week after an impressive-sounding sex toy had its award revoked for being “immoral, obscene, indecent, profane or not in keeping with CTA’s image.” Read More >>

How ’90s Cybersex Pioneers Looked for Action and Found Community

If you take a peek at the back pages of 1990s computer magazines, you’ll find plenty of ads for data recovery services, toner cartridges, and bulk shipments of computer disks. Look even closer, and you’ll discover a now-almost-forgotten world of early digital erotica and sexual chat services. Read More >>

The Holidays Make Us Horny, Google Searches Reveal

For those of you already weary of the Christmas cheer, a study from Scientific Reports might put some pep in your step: It suggests the holiday spirit gets people more in the mood for boning, no matter where you live in the world and when you might celebrate it. Read More >>

The First Sex Robot Was Conceived in Ancient Greece

The age of android brothels and lifelike sex robots may seem cutting edge – until you’ve heard the story of the man who had sex with his ivory sculptures, and the Greeks who habitually had public intercourse with statues. Read More >>

Amazon’s 24-Hour Condom Deal Saves You From Parenthood, Bankruptcy

If all you want for Christmas is sleep, time and money (that'll be everyone then), Amazon has a festive 24-hour special for you. Read More >>

Sex and Robots: An Interview With Dr. Kate Devlin

Whenever the words "sex" and "robots" find their way into the mainstream media, the narrative tends to be more farcical soap opera than a reflection of reality: where a histrionic and sensationalist tone dictates the terms of the conversation. Read More >>

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Amazon’s Condom Deal Is Officially The Biggest Ever Saving On Black Friday

Amazon were the big proponents of Black Friday in the UK, and now they've officially claimed the Gizmodo UK title for the Best Black Friday Deal of All Time. Read More >>

Over 8 Per Cent of Americans Believe They Are Struggling With Compulsive Sexual Behaviour and Thoughts

Sex and everything that revolves around it can no doubt be stressful and confusing, at least some of the time. But for a decent chunk of Americans, a new survey suggests, their sexual hangups might be causing them a significant amount of mental anguish. Read More >>

Sainsbury’s Begins Stocking Vibrating Pink Things for Sex Reasons

We've been trying to write about this in a gender-neutral way for the last 20 minutes, but it's quite tough. The new Sainsbury's range of sex toys is probably aimed entirely at women, but we must point out that men could also use them too. Perhaps to better stir their porridge, mix the paint for the hallway, or to make martinis that are best shaken instead of stirred, as they are fully waterproof. Read More >>