2018’s Winter Olympics Will Have More Condoms Than Ever

Less than two weeks from now, some of the world’s greatest athletes will descend upon South Korea for the Winter Olympics. Also descending upon the host city: a fuck-ton of condoms. Read More >>

Cycling Doesn’t Knacker Your Knackers

A survey that examined the compressed and squeezed genitals of men who identify as cyclists has found that they're all one hundred per cent fine, with no sexual or urinary deficiencies noticed in people who wear special shorts and take pleasure from rubbing themselves on extremely hard seats. Read More >>

This Could Be the Oldest Photosynthesising, Sex-Having Organism

The ancestor to pretty much all boning and photosynthesising organisms might have been fossilised in Canadian rock. The only trouble is that scientists aren’t sure how old that fossil is. Read More >>

The Holidays Make Us Horny, Google Searches Reveal

For those of you already weary of the Christmas cheer, a new study published this week in Scientific Reports might put some pep in your step: It suggests the holiday spirit gets people more in the mood for boning, no matter where you live in the world and when you might celebrate it. Read More >>

Man Had So Many Prostate Orgasms He Couldn’t Stop, According to New Paper

One 63-year-old man had so many prostate orgasms that he couldn’t stop. Read More >>

Bad News, Male Virgins: You Could Already Have HPV

If there’s one trick that terrible sex-ed programs rely on to scare teens out of boning, it’s the idea that only abstinence can keep you safe from spiritual ruin and disease. But a new study published in The Journal of Infectious Disease seems to undercut even the basic premise of that scare tactic: Being a virgin doesn’t necessarily protect you from catching common sexually transmitted infections like the human papillomavirus (HPV), which can cause genital warts and cancer. Read More >>

Fireman Sam in Kitchen Table Sex Scene Shocker

Children's TV favourite Fireman Sam is in the midst of one of those sex scandals that all the celebrities are going through at the moment, after viewers caught him seemingly enjoying a bit of the old experimental bottom action over the kitchen table. Read More >>

Viagra Will be Available From Pharmacies Next Year

Former internet keyword competition winner Viagra will soon be available from pharmacies across the UK, thanks to a reclassification of the drug that deems it safe enough for people to just buy whenever they have a... need. Read More >>

Redditors Say Sex Toy App Was Secretly Recording Them

Few things sow distrust faster than speculation that apps and internet-connected devices are surveilling their own users in secret. Facebook mining your browsing habits to serve adverts is one thing. But what if you found out your sex toy was taping you? Read More >>

Welsh Sex Robot Needs a Head Manufacturer

Samantha, the sex robot from Wales that set the internet on fire recently (but you can call yours Rita if you want), is nearing production. The only thing holding it back is a head. They spent so much time on the tits and arse that everyone forgot women also have heads. It's the perfect 2017 metaphor. Read More >>

No, Twitter Did Not Just Ban Porn, Sex Workers, or Pictures of Lingerie

Despite what you may have read, Twitter has not rolled out new rules banning porn or pictures of lingerie across its platform. Read More >>

If Your Vibrator Is Hacked, Is It a Sex Crime?

On a recent trip to Berlin, Alex Lomas’ acquaintance posed him a challenge: Can you find a Bluetooth-enabled butt plug in the wild, and can you turn it on without its owner’s help? Lomas, a penetration tester with the British cybersecurity firm Pen Test Partners, pulled out his phone, consulted the detection app LightBlue, and quickly identified a Lovense Hush, purportedly “the most powerful vibrating buttplug on the market,” that Lomas says was nestled in the rear end of a stranger. What’s more, that Hush was vulnerable, open to hacking by anyone who knew how. Read More >>

Marijuana Users Have More Sex, But It’s Complicated

In the first study of its kind, researchers from the Stanford University School of Medicine have shown that people who use marijuana have sex about 20 per cent more often than those who do not. It’s an eye-opening finding, but a classic case where correlation doesn’t necessarily imply causation. Read More >>

The Future of Online Dating Is Unsexy and Brutally Effective

When I give the dating app LoveFlutter my Twitter handle, it rewards me with a 28-axis breakdown of my personality: I’m an analytic Type A who’s unsettlingly sex-focused and neurotic (99th percentile). On the sidebar where my “Personality Snapshot” is broken down in further detail, a section called “Chat-Up Advice” advises, “Do your best to avoid being negative. Get to the point quickly and don’t waste their time. They may get impatient if you’re moving too slowly.” I’m a catch. Read More >>

Poundland Has Launched a Brand New Range of £1 Sex Toys

When you're out shopping you tend to have a list of stuff you need. Milk, bread, fruit and veg, stuff like that. Well Poundland is hoping to sell you something a little bit different the next time you pop in to buy some dirty cheap produce. The discount chain has just launched its own range of sex toys, and before you ask yes they are all £1 each. Oh and there's herbal Viagra as well. Read More >>