Even Sex Toy Makers Think Watchmen’s Big Blue Dildo Is ‘Extreme’ (NSFW)

In the third episode of HBO’s Watchmen series, Laurie Blake aka Silk Spectre pulls out a gigantic electric blue dildo. It’s an obvious sight gag – her ex is a blue man who can control his size, right down to the most intimate level. That said, it does raise some questions. Like, how would the “Electromagnetic Lithium Powered Excalibur” even work? Would a 13 by 4-inch vibrator even be enjoyable? What kind of parts are we looking at here? Did HBO fuck up in the construction of their sex toy? Read More >>

Network of ‘Camgirl’ Sites Exposed Data of Users and Sex Workers

A company that runs several sites featuring camworkers left the back-end database unprotected, allowing the data of hundreds of thousands – if not millions – of customers and sex workers to be exposed. Read More >>

Welsh Council’s Anti-Sex Toilet Declared a Mistake

The bizarre plan to take toilet sex off the menu from a holiday in Porthcawl is over, as the town council has said that a scheme to install onerous security measures within a new public toilet building were somehow attached to the planning documentation in error. The toilets will be normal toilets and you will be able to spend longer than usual in a cubicle with a German motorcycle tourist should you arrange to do so via a mobile phone app. Read More >>

Welsh Town Is Sick of Its Toilets Being Used as Shag Shacks and Its New Loos Will Put an End to It

A town in Wales doesn't hold the opinion that a toilet is a romantic baby-making pedestal upon which you can also park your bare arse and take a dump, and has implemented measures to quash such behaviour. Read More >>

These Robot Burlesque Dancers Were a Less Advertised Part of the 1939 New York World’s Fair

The New York World’s Fair of 1939-40 is perhaps best known for its optimistic look at the future, with demonstrations of early television and the Futurama ride that showed regular people a glimpse of tomorrow. But there are some lesser known exhibits from the Fair that might surprise people who only think of the past as being filled with prudes. Read More >>

Sex Is Better for Men Who Eat Nuts, Says Study Funded by Big Nut

A research project called Fertinuts seems to have found evidence that men who eat lots of nuts can boost their orgasms and sexual desire. But before you get too excited, some scepticism might be warranted. Read More >>

CES is Clearly Still a Bunch of Puritans

The Consumer Technology Association (CTA), the organisation behind CES, doesn’t exactly have an admirable reputation when it comes to its treatment of women and products designed for women, specifically sexually-oriented ones. It appears the organisation is attempting to cover its arse when it comes to this reputation, but it is doing so in a way that is breathtakingly backward. Read More >>

People Born Prematurely May Have More Romantic Trouble as Adults, Study Finds

Babies born prematurely might have an unexpected disadvantage by the time they reach adulthood, according to new research out Friday. It suggests that they’ll be less likely to ever have a romantic relationship or sex, as well as be less likely to have children, than people born full-term. Read More >>

No One Really Knows How Many Men Have Erectile Dysfunction

Just how many men are struggling with erectile dysfunction? Well, according to a recent review of the medical literature, it depends on how and where you ask the question. Global rates of ED, it found, range from as low as 3 per cent of men to as high as 76 per cent. Read More >>

Man Suffers 9-Day Erection After Bruising Taint in Moped Accident

A man’s fall from a moped caused him much stranger trouble than anyone could have imagined. According to his doctors, a bruise near his genitals left him with a days-long erection—one that eventually required a trip to the emergency room to treat. Thankfully, doctors were able to resolve his awkward complication, and the patient had no lasting damage. Read More >>

giz asks
What’s the Horniest Animal?

Anyone who’s ever watched a nature documentary knows that the animal kingdom is rife with – is, in some sense, composed entirely of – sex fiends and perverts. They’ve got all kinds of genitalia out there in nature, and these are put to frequent, energetic use. Still, some species are surely less sex-crazed than others – fonder, for instance, of doing adorable little tricks, or making a mess of their prey’s intestines. Conversely, some species must dwell in a realm of intense, pan-sensory horniness unimaginable to your average sex-consumed human, and it’s that bunch we’re interested in for this week’s Giz Asks. Below, animal experts weigh in on what animal might be the horniest. Read More >>

Guy With Jar Jar Binks Back Tattoo: ‘I Have Had Sex (Multiple Times)’

Michael Ouellette has a lot of Star Wars tattoos. The 42-year-old has a full sleeve of Darth Vader on his left arm and a full sleeve of Luke Skywalker on his right. But Ouellette’s most curious tattoo is the one of Jar Jar Binks that covers his entire back. And whatever you think of his tattoo, Ouellette would like people to know something important: he says that he’s had sex. Multiple times. Read More >>

Mayor Gives Out Viagra to Citizens: Start Having Sex or The School Gets It

A small village in France, about 50 miles southeast of Paris is facing a population decline that has put the future of the town’s schoolhouse at risk. And the mayor has proposed a simple solution – everyone should just have more sex. Read More >>

ces 2019
CES Supports Sex Now

In January, administrators from the Consumer Technology Association (CTA), the organisation that puts on CES, rescinded an innovation award from a sex toy company for being “immoral, obscene, indecent, profane or not in keeping with CTA’s image.” Five months later, and the organisation has decided that the technically impressive piece of hardware is deserving of its recognition after all. Even if you can have sex with it. Read More >>

The Nation is Having Less Sex Nowadays

The rates at which people across the nation are bothered and/or allowed to have sex are falling, with both men and women over the age of 25 finding themselves too busy, too hot, too cold, too full, too irritated or too distracted to bother going through the whole process at all. Read More >>