Here Are Some of the New Emoji, Ranked From Most to Least Useful During Sexting

Great news: On Wednesday, the Unicode Consortium released the final version of its 11.0 emoji set, with approximately 77 new emojis being added to the list. There’s a lot of new content, including a few new faces, various organs or body parts, animals, foodstuffs, and science equipment including petri dishes and lab coats. Read More >>

This Code Might Mean No More Dick Pics On The Internet

You know why we need more LGBT people in tech? Dick Code is why. Read More >>

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Teens Explain the Horrors of Sexting

Sending nudes isn’t a new phenomenon—the advent of camera phones took care of that—but for teens these days, a bevy of social media platforms make sexual exploration on the internet that much more thrilling, and that much more dangerous. Read More >>

Send a Creepy, Sexualised Aubergine to Your Crush’s House With Eggplant Mail

For those of you unfamiliar with the practice of proposing intercourse with the aid of digital foodstuffs, the aubergine and the peach are now the sauciest items in the fresh fruit and veg aisle. You can probably guess what they symbolise without me spelling it out. With great sections of the world’s horny youth so messed up that they’re utterly incapable of approaching a member of the opposite sex and charming their pants off with words and booze, it looks like emoji are now absolutely key to human survival. Read More >>

“Sexting” Victim Wins £25,000 Compensation

A girl who was pressured into sending naked photos to the vice-principal of her school has won a compensation claim, making this the first time someone's won damages for the psychological harm caused by being effectively groomed into sending rude snaps. Read More >>

“Sexting” Is Just a New Name for a Very Old Activity

In 2011, a remarkable and distinctly erotic 17th century portrait of Nell Gwyn was put up for sale by her descendants. It shows Gwyn, an actress who was one of Charles II’s mistresses for more than a decade, washing a string of sausages with her breasts exposed. Read More >>

Psychologists Say That Sexting Can Be Good for You

We know that sexting can ruin political careers or lead to arrests. But as long as both participants are adults, it’s legal, and a study presented last weekend at the annual convention of the American Psychological Association suggests that it may also be part of lots of committed relationships. Read More >>

Leicester City Thai Orgy Football Sex Tape Stars Should Have Followed This Simple Checklist

I'm no PR expert, but every time I plan on going away on holiday for a depraved sex binge (and by "every time I plan on" I mean "instantly dismiss the heinous thought of"), I make sure to check my actions against the following list of no-nos: Read More >>

Trying to Arouse My New Sextbot Buddy (NSFW)

Today, I tried to arouse a sextbot. Turns out robots are assholes. Read More >>

Canadian Police Want You to Respond to Sexts With These Insane Replies

It's been a red-letter past few years for both teens and sexters alike. So it's not surprising that, today, we find ourselves in the era of the sext-addled teen. But the Ontario Provincial Police think they might be able to stop teens at the source with a potent combination of app-based sarcasm and "keep calm and carry on" jokes. Bless their hearts. Read More >>

Snapchat Now Does Video Chat and IM

Snapchat, everybody's favourite sexting app, has just grown up. Now, to complement its simple self-destructing messages, the iOS and Android apps both handle instant messaging and live video chats. Read More >>

Super-Creepy Phone Shop Worker Convicted of Stealing Customers’ Nude Photos

What's the worst experience you've had in a phone shop? A disinterested worker, unable to get you the tariff you want perhaps? Sure, that's frustrating. But that's nothing compared to having a gross shop worker take your phone in for "repairs", only later to find he'd been getting off on your private photos. Read More >>

Prepare For the Sexting Deluge With Instagram Direct

Instagram's private messaging service, Instagram Direct, is finally here. Why, though, with so many photo-messaging apps at our fingertips already, would you use a private channel for your filtered, edited, and enhanced brunches and sunsets? The same reason we do anything—sex. Dick pic, meet Kelvin. Read More >>

iOS 7 Will Let You Take Secret Screenshots of Your Sexy Snapchats

Fellow sexters or those who like self-destructing pictures and videos, ya better listen up. Snapchat and iOS 7 might have a wee bit of a problem because in iOS 7 you can screenshot Snapchat photos without ever alerting the original person. Basically, you can screenshot without ever getting caught. Read More >>