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Dark Horse Finally Cuts Ties With Editor Scott Allie After New Sexual Abuse Claims

As the ongoing examination into gross sexual harassment across multiple corners of the entertainment industry continues, more incidents of abuse in the comics industry are coming to light. Now, a familiar name at Dark Horse Comics has had their relationship with the company severed entirely after facing a new allegation. Read More >>

Disgraced Ex-Google Exec Andy Rubin Blocks Everyone on Twitter, and Good Riddance

Android creator and disgraced former Google executive Andy Rubin has gone on some type of bizarre Twitter blocking spree, blocking virtually everyone who follows him on the site. Rubin now only has eight followers on the site, down from 11 on Wednesday. Read More >>

Google Walkout Organiser Quits Following Alleged Workplace Retaliation

A Google employee who helped organise last year’s 20,000 worker walkout left the company last week and said she’s faced professional retaliation as a result of her speaking out. Read More >>

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Leaked Microsoft Email Chain Reportedly Describes Hellish Workplace for Women

An internal Microsoft email chain, first reported by Quartz, reportedly details a litany of egregious acts of sexual harassment and discrimination experienced by women at the company. The chain received hundreds of responses since it began on March 20th, according to Wired, prompting employees to protest the toxic work culture at a Q&A with CEO Satya Nadella on Thursday. Read More >>

Neil deGrasse Tyson Will Return to TV After Sexual Misconduct Investigation

The National Geographic Channel and Fox Broadcasting said they have completed their investigation of astrophysicist and U.S. TV celebrity Neil deGrasse Tyson over multiple allegations of sexual misconduct, and will air two of his shows that have been postponed, Entertainment Weekly reported on Friday. Read More >>

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1 in 4 Women Have Been Harassed at a Tech Conference

Women contribute some of the most amazing developments in STEM – a female Google employee just added 9 trillion digits to pi, FFS – yet at tech conferences, it seems they're still treated like some kind of sexual buffet. Read More >>

Uber Releases a List of 21 Types of Sexual Misconduct Reported by Riders and Drivers

It’s a ritual among women: Call an Uber (or Lyft, or another rideshare app), get home, and immediately text your besties to let them know you’re not dead in a ditch somewhere. That’s due in large part to the numerous horror stories you see in the news where women are sexually harassed or worse while taking a car home. (Seriously, so many stories.) So what’s Uber doing about it? This week, it put out a list of 21 categories defining sexual misconduct and harassment, with the promise of a full report sometime in 2019. Read More >>

Following Google’s Lead, Facebook Ends Mandatory Arbitration for Sexual Harassment Claims

With employee action creating creating pressure in the tech industry, Facebook has finally opted to end forced arbitration for employees seeking to file claims of sexual harassment. Where those cases would previously have been handled behind closed doors, allegations of sexual misconduct on the part of Facebook workers can now be filed in open court. Read More >>

‘Thousands’ of Google Employees Expected to Walk Out Over Handling of Sexual Harassment Cases

“Thousands” of employees at Google offices around the world are expected to participate in a “women’s walk” protest today in response to the company’s mishandling of sexual harassment and other tensions within the technology giant. Read More >>

Glacier Named After Prominent Geologist Renamed Following Sexual Harassment Scandal

The Me Too movement has toppled Hollywood executives, pundits, and bureaucrats since it burst onto the scene last year. Prompting a government agency to rename a geologic landform, however, may be a first. Read More >>

A Driver for Uber and Lyft Covertly Streamed Hundreds of Rides on Twitch Without Rider Consent

In the past few months, wannabe online video stars have filmed themselves doing a suicide bomb “prank” at university and spreading a fake rumour about a mass shooting at a Disney resort. They have also landed themselves in court for things as varied as feeding toothpaste-filled Oreos to a homeless man and shooting their significant other through a book in a stunt gone hopelessly wrong. Read More >>

‘Bro Culture’ Led to Repeated Sexual Harassment, Former Google Engineer’s Lawsuit Says

Loretta Lee, a software engineer who worked at Google for seven years before being fired in February 2016, is suing Google for sexual harassment, discrimination, retaliation, and wrongful termination she says she experienced at the company. Lee says in her lawsuit that the company’s “bro-culture” led to continuous harassment and that Google did nothing to intervene. Read More >>

Developer Tells Her Story Publicly as Hacker Community Struggles to Address Sexual Assault

After several attendees of this year’s Chaos Communication Congress (CCC) in Germany said organisers have continued to downplay or ignore issues of harassment and sexual assault, Chelsea Komlo, an open-source software developer and Tor contributor, is speaking out publicly about the rape and assault she says she experienced in an attempt to help combat the toxic environment that some say has plagued the annual privacy and security conference for years. Read More >>

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The Most Significant Science Setbacks of 2017

Scientific progress doesn’t always exactly look like, well, progress. Progress comes in fits and starts. Sometimes things get in the way—be they harassment, politics, or just plain bad science. Read More >>

Netflix Reportedly Severs Ties With Kevin Spacey, Effective Immediately

Days after halting production on the sixth and final season of House of Cards, Netflix has reportedly opted to cut star Kevin Spacey loose immediately amid allegations the actor sexually assaulted actor Anthony Rapp while Rapp was 14 years old. Read More >>