Online Porn Damaging Dudes’ Dongs, Says NHS Expert

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How Australian Grass is Going to Make Condoms Better

Researchers at the University of Queensland have made a cool new discovery in the quest for better condoms. It turns out a component of spinifex, a coastal grass, could make condoms much, much thinner. Thinner is better. Read More >>

Do the Herbs in Natural Erection Supplements Really Make You Harder? 

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Is it Wrong to Blame Dating Apps Like Tinder for a Rise in STIs?

Dating apps, such as Tinder and Happn, are behind a recent rise in STIs, according the British Association for Sexual Health and HIV (BASHH). Stop your sniggering. Figures suggest that syphilis, gonorrhoea, herpes and genital warts are becoming more widespread across the UK, and officials are holding dating apps responsible. Read More >>

A Viagra-Less Seven Week Erection Was Caused by a “Hard Bike Crash”

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