There’s No Such Thing as a ‘Gay Gene,’ Large Genome Study Finds

A new study seems to firmly bury the idea of a so-called “gay gene.” Scientists looked at the genes of nearly a half million people and couldn’t find any genetic variations that could reliably predict someone’s same-sex behaviour. Rather, they argue, our sexual preferences are influenced by a complex mix of our genes, environment, and life experiences. Read More >>

Hands On With the Vibrator That Wants to be the Smartest Sex Toy in the World

Liz Klinger admits that the Lioness isn’t the world’s greatest vibrator. It won’t work perfectly for every person who uses it. “No vibrator is for everybody. You’d have to have, like, a Play-Doh thing that has a motor in it,” she told me in a crowded coffee house at lunch hour. Read More >>

Researchers Are Sorry They Used ‘Derpy’ in a Research Paper

Much like the universally true advice to “never tweet,” it’s probably a good idea to just avoid internet language and memes when you’re working in a professional capacity. Two well-intentioned researchers learned that the hard way recently when they didn’t do enough research on the term “derpy.” Read More >>

Sex With Animals Will Give You Penis Cancer

I hope you didn't need the risk of death to convince you to not have sex with animals. But just in case, know this: bestiality will give you penis cancer. Read More >>