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What Shapes Are Things in Outer Space?

It’s an orgy of geometry, here on Earth. You got all kinds of shapes: Squares, trapezoids, even the occasional rhombus. Apples, desk-chairs, and dandelions—just an abundance of shape-having stuff. Outer space, in contrast, is minimally decorated: asteroids, stars, planets, galaxies. Big-picture stuff. We know the Earth is round—or, at least, most of us do—but what about the other stuff? What shapes are twirling around up there, and why do they look like that? Read More >>

How the Geometry of Movies Can Change the Way We Think

Circles. Triangles. Squares. Those aren’t the things you expect to see in a film, but they've been using shapes to subtly influence emotion for a long time. Circles are lovable, triangles are evil, and squares are boring. Now You See It highlights the geometry used in shots to show you how movies use shapes to manipulate your feelings. Read More >>

Egypt is Such a Beautiful Rectangle, Man

You ever notice how rectangular Egypt is? Me neither — until I discovered some very unscientific research from Australian statistician David Barry. In a recent blog post, Barry compared the rectangularness of all countries in the world and found that it doesn’t get any better than Egypt. Read More >>

Crazy Illusion Somehow Transforms Rectangles Into Circles in the Mirror

What in the sorcerous hell is this? Kokichi Sugihara’s ‘Rectangles and Circles’ illusion is a mind-bending visual trip that turns squares into circles and circles into squares right in front of your face. Different shapes are placed at a mirror and what you see in front of you is totally different from what you see in the mirror. It’s like the mirror is actually a portal to another dimension where squares are circles and circles are squares. Seriously ... what the hell? Read More >>

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This Fascinating Video Explains How Computers Draw Curves

All my life using Adobe Illustrator and it's only now when I learn how it draws vector curves—technically called Bézier curves. If you are an illustrator, you will love this. If you are not, it's fascinating anyway. In fact, it is one of the most interesting videos I've seen this year. Read More >>

These Brand New Shapes are a Class of Their Own

Until today, scientists only knew of three classes of 3 dimensional solids. Now they've got a fourth. This new flavor of shapes are called Goldberg polyhedrons, and they are the first new class of shapes discovered in over four hundred years. Read More >>

The Weird Maths That Can Make Wheels That Aren’t Circular

If you need something to roll smoothly along the ground, you better strap some of those circular things called wheels to it, right? Well, not quite—because there are actually other shapes that roll smoothly, too. Read More >>