3d printing
A 3D-Printed Dress Sounds Rather Uncomfortable

It makes sense to 3D-print some things. Parts for a space station, for example, or children's toys. You wouldn't really think that clothing would make that list. But that's where you'd be oh so wrong. Read More >>

3d printing
Inside Shapeways, the 3D-Printing Factory of the Future

When you walk into the Shapeways headquarters in a sprawling New York City warehouse building, it doesn't feel like a factory. It's something different, somehow unforgettable, inevitably new. As it should be. This is one of the world's first full service 3D-printing factories, and it's not like any factory I've ever seen. Read More >>

Nine Pieces of Art Sculpted Entirely by 3D Printing

This week, Gizmodo got a peek at some seriously awesome sculptures made entirely by 3D printers at the 3D Printshow. The exhibit, hosted by Adobe and Shapeways, shows how you can create stunning art with nothing more than Photoshop and a 3D printer. And maybe a whole lot of talent, but we're not sure where you can buy that. Read More >>

3d printing
Photoshop is Getting Support For 3D Printing

Adobe is updating Photoshop to let you create 3D-printable files within the program. Hooray! Read More >>

3d printing
3D Printed Syphon Makes Sharing Drinks Impossibly Easy

Anyone who's ever emptied a pool or stolen petrol from a car's tank knows how a syphon works, but that doesn't make this 3D printed Wave toy seem any less magical. Seeing it in action you'd assume there was some kind of sorcery involved here, as one side of the Wave draws liquid to the other until both glasses have the exact same amount of liquid. But it's just well known scientific principles at work. Read More >>

7 Reasons Never to Give 4Chan a 3D Printer

Over at 3D printing marketplace Shapeways.com, inspired individuals are free to post their 3D-printable creations for all the world to buy. And sure, there's some more benign items like art and iPhone cases littered among the clutter, but dig a little deeper and you'll find what Shapeways masses really want: Goatse. Twerking. Fresco Jesus—the whole gang's right here. Read More >>

These iPhone Cases Are Made of Sound

iPhone cases tend to be pretty generic, but if you can make a sound, you can have your own completely unique case. That's because Shapeways will turns sounds—any sound—into an iPhone case. Read More >>