London’s Shard Suggests Playing VR Games Instead of Looking at the View

London's newest, pointiest tower charges £30.95 for a ticket to go up it and have a look at the view of the city. That's fine. Expensive, but fine. What's not fine is that it's now installed some VR machines at the top, which offer a range of height-related experiences to try, even though you've just paid £120 to get the family up to see the bloody sights and get Timmy and Sophie off the sodding iPad for 10 minutes. Read More >>

With the Weird-Looking ‘Skinny Shard’, Paddington May Soon be Famous for More than a Teddy Bear

Paddington could do with a lift. We know, because that’s where we’re based, and it’s definitely not just us who find it dull. Sellar Property Group wants to pump £1 billion into the area, which it’s described as ‘lifeless’, in a bid to transform it. Read More >>

Residential “Mini Shard” Could Flank London’s Tower of Sauron

Love the Tolkienesque Shard in Central London? Good, because it looks likely to get a little brother, standing right next to the city's most imposing tower. Read More >>

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Amazing Near-Death Experience for London’s Highest Window Cleaner

This amazing video shows the risks of what can happen when you're cleaning windows, particularly when the windows in question are around 300 metres above the streets of London. Read More >>

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This Breathtaking London Flyover Is So Perfect It Almost Feels Computer-Generated

Our friend Jason Hawkes keeps taking the most breathtaking views of London you can imagine. Here's his view of the city three weeks ago, with some stunning night and dusk shots on the Shard, which is now the tallest building in Europe. Read More >>

It Could Cost as Much as £20 to Visit London’s Shard Tower

While the lower floors of the Shard will be chockablock with the usual fast food palaces and high street chains, to cast your eyes across London's glorious skyline from the 68th floor it'll cost you the same amount that a zones 1 - 2 weekly travelcard costs. Well, back in 2005 anyway. Read More >>