UK Bankers Would Like a Lie-In in the Mornings

People who make their money from other people losing theirs would like to be allowed to do so during more sociable hours, with those who ply trades on the UK's stock exchanges petitioning for a later start to their working days. Read More >>

Government Dumps Remaining Royal Mail Shares and Pockets £591m

The UK's postal service is now fully private following 2013's partial privatisation, with the government banking an extra £591m from selling its final 13 per cent chunk of the company -- for an equivalent price of 455p a share. Read More >>

UK Trader Arrested for Making a Bit Too Much Money in 2010’s “Flash Crash”

The US Department of Justice would very much like UK-based trader Navinder Singh Sarao to come to the US for a holiday, where he'll be charged with a variety of fraud offences relating to the "flash crash" of 2010 -- which saw the Dow Jones index plummet by 600 points in a matter of minutes. Read More >>

Tortured Rats Make a Killing Trading Shares

Electric shock therapy has supposedly been used to teach rats how to trade shares, apparently resulting in returns that beat those generated by some of the world's best fund managers. Read More >>

Candy Crush Creator in Line for Staggering £3bn Share Launch

King, the company behind Candy Crush and a handful of other significantly less popular mobile titles, has filed paperwork in the US suggesting it's about to go public on the stock market. A share sale could value the mobile publisher at an insane $5bn. Read More >>

Twitter IPO Values Social Site at Around £6.5bn

Twitter has announced plans to float itself on the US stock market, in a move that ought to place a value of around £6.5bn on the time-wasting social site. Read More >>

Facebook Will Offer Up 50 Million More Shares Than Expected

Facebook has announced that it will be selling an extra 50.6 million shares, at a price likely to fall between $34 (£21) and $38 (£23) per share, reports TechCrunch. That should snag them at least another £8.15 billion—and probably push their final valuation north of the expected £65 billion. Read More >>

Trouble at the Top for Samsung, as Chairman Sued Over Share Rights

Samsung has rabid Apple lawyers coming at it from all sides over its Android ambitions, now the boss of the company himself is due in court over a claim for inherited company shares. Read More >>

Motorola’s Shareholders Approve Sale to Google

Motorola Mobility's sale to Google has been approved, gaining near unanimous support from its shareholders. Google now has to go through with paying $12.5 billion for Motorola's mobile division and all of its lovely patents. [Motorola] Read More >>