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William Shatner Is Sorry Paramount Didn’t Stop Him From Ruining Star Trek V

Last week, Entertainment Weekly published a feature where Henry Winkler and William Shatner promoted a new project while apologising for an old, bad one. Shatner offers his regrets for the infamous Star Trek V: The Final Frontier, while passive-aggressively blaming Paramount anyway. Fun! Read More >>

William Shatner Not a Fan of Facebook’s Celeb App, Mentions

Not for the first time, William Shatner found himself embarking upon a brave mission into the unknown. His destination this time? Facebook's trial of the Mentions app, designed to help the famous super-followed keep on top of their social media presence. Read More >>

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This App Makes Your iPhone Recite Some Custom Shatner-esque Poetry

Surely you are well-acquinted with Mr. William Shatner’s fantastic spoken-word work. If you aren’t, you should be. If that’s your jam—and it should be—the new Shatoetry appwill let you create some of your own, using the Cap’n Kirk’s iconic voice. Read More >>