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Shazam’s Director Releases a New Short Film About a Horrifying Home Invasion

There aren’t many things scarier than facing months or years of social distancing, especially when you’re stuck in your house by yourself. But what if maybe, just maybe, you weren’t actually alone? Shazam director David F. Sandberg has released a new short film about a woman who’s worried someone, or something, is hiding out in her home. Read More >>

Batman Falls Back, Flash Runs Forward in Warner Bros.’ Latest Schedule Reshuffle

Surprisingly, The Flash standalone has been brought forward? About time that movie got news that wasn’t a director leaving. Read More >>

Shazam Gets Ready for His Lego Debut in This Trailer For Shazam! Magic and Monsters

Shazam, who, after years, I still call Captain Marvel, is an excellent fit for the wacky world of Legos. Now, after some teases, he’s ready to make his full debut in the DC Lego universe, bringing his friends and his youthful joy de vivre along with him. Read More >>

Android Users Can Now Use Apple Music to Play Songs in Shazam

Android users with active Apple Music subscriptions now appear to have the option to link the app with Shazam, delivering an integration that’s previously been available for Spotify. Read More >>

In a Cool Video, Shazam’s Director Talks the Art of Problem Solving in Film

Film is all about compromise: taking a massive amount of people, resources and time, and making it all harmonise into a single cohesive artistic product. Even if the way you got there was driven as much by circumstance as vision. Read More >>

A Deleted Shazam Scene Could Be Teasing the Arrival of Black Adam

Shazama surprisingly delightful movie that has no business being as good as it is, also has a charming mid-credits stinger that introduces a character with the potential to alter the larger landscape of DC’s cinematic universe. But a deleted scene that’s being included with the film’s digital release teases yet another part of Shazam’s mythos that fans have been clamouring to see. Read More >>

Shazam on Android Can Now Identify Songs Even When You’re Using Headphones

Not long after Apple acquired music recognition app Shazam last autumn, the music-ID service introduced a new feature called Pop-up that allowed it to identify songs being played on the device itself, in addition to outside sources. Read More >>

Shazam’s Greatest Message Is About Growing From Forgiveness

Billy Batson being an orphan is a central part of his heroic origin story, which factors into the inherent goodness that makes him worthy of becoming Shazam. Golden Age Captain Marvel comics established that even without a traditional nuclear family or the influence of adult role models in his life, Billy was ready to be, and capable of becoming, a powerful, self-sufficient person. Read More >>

The Shazam Sequel is Officially in the Works

Mere hours after Shazam handily won the box office on its opening weekend, news about a sequel has already started to break. Read More >>

Why are Horror Directors so Well Suited to Making Superhero Movies?

The link between superhero movies and horror directors goes all the way back to the start. Before he made Superman: The Movie and took comic books to the big screen, Richard Donner was behind the camera of The Omen – one of the scariest films ever made. While Donner would subsequently become known for comedies, action movies and family friendly adventures, his first major success was over on the dark side of cinema. More than four decades later, there has continued to be an unbreakable connection between horror and superheroes, and it's arguably stronger now than it has ever been before. Read More >>

Shazam’s Director and Star on Why It’s a Children’s Film with an Important Message About Adults

Shazam! is a ridiculously fun and at-times silly film that’ll undeniably appeal to younger moviegoers, while at the same time feeling like a breath of fresh air to adults who’ve grown weary of Warner Bros. and DC’s fondness for grimdark cape stories. But when Gizmodo spoke to director David F. Sandberg and actor Asher Angel (who portrays young Billy Batson), both were adamant about Shazam! being more than a “kids’ movie” in the pejorative sense of the phrase. Read More >>

Shazam’s Director Got a Delightful Memento of the Production

I’m always interested to see what objects from a film’s production get a second life in the real world, becoming personal mementos, auctionable collectibles, or being re-used in some other way. For Shazam, director David F. Sandberg got a costume – but not in the way you might expect. Read More >>

The First Reactions to Shazam Signal Another Win for DC

The next film in the DC Universe, Shazam, won’t open until April 5, but Warner Bros. decided to show it to critics early. Why? To hopefully build some buzz and anticipation for the film using social media. It’s a gamble, to be sure—but judging from a large majority of the reactions, it’s a gamble that paid off. Read More >>

Batman Makes a Soft Cameo in the Latest Shazam! Trailer

It’s a very interesting time for Batman in Warner Bros. and DC’s big-budget, live-action movies. Batfleck is no more, and as it stands now, the upcoming Batman solo movie has yet to find its titular hero, but that doesn’t mean the DCEU doesn’t already have another Dark Knight waiting in the wings. Read More >>

How Zachary Levi’s Run-ins With Marvel Helped Him Become Shazam

Zachary Levi believes he wouldn’t be DC’s Shazam without not one, but two assists from Marvel. Read More >>