Hundreds of Sheep Killed After Bear Chases Flock Off 650-Foot Cliff

A lone brown bear is being blamed for a horrifying incident in which 209 panicked sheep plunged off a cliff in the Pyrenees near the border between France and Spain. It’s not the first time this has happened, and local farmers are pissed that brown bears are being reintroduced to the pastoral, mountain region. Read More >>

‘King Lear With Sheep’ is Real and Happening and Costs £10 to See

One man and eight sheep make up the cast of a play that's set to run in Hoxton early next month, as director Missouri Williams rethinks the classic King Lear for a modern and substantially more ironic audience. With animals in costumes. Read More >>

Welsh Farmers Sticking Wi-Fi on Sheep for No Discernible Reason

Researchers want to build an Internet of Animals, by fitting trackers to the sheep of Welsh farmers to help locate their flocks and answer vague environmental questions about where they do most of their wees. Read More >>

Lifeboat and Police Chopper Called to Pull Dead Sheep out of the Thames

A lifeboat scrambled to pull out a person seen floating in the Thames ended up rescuing a dead sheep that had, for some baffling reason, been wrapped up in a duvet. Read More >>

Romantic Picnic Goes Astray When (Alleged) IT Consultant/Sheep Molester Turns Up

The classic romantic scene: grassy meadows, songbirds tweeting, sheep munching on grass and...a naked 61-year-old IT consultant trying to get it on? Read More >>

Nationwide Sheep Mutilation Campaign Orchestrated by Alton Towers

The mystery of the "creepy sheep" with evil faces painted on their sides that was allegedly creating some sort of low-level mystery among social network users, has been solved. It was an Alton Towers PR stunt. Read More >>

These Sheep Can Actually Text Their Shepherd When Wolves Attack

The Swiss have a problem. Wolves keep picking off members of their flock, but unless they're going to stay with them 24 hours a day, seven days a week what are they going to do? I know, let's equip them with mobile phones so they can text when they're in danger -- genius! Read More >>

Tech-Savvy Sheep Shoot Their Shepherd a Text When a Wolf Attacks

Sheepherding is a profession as ancient as civilization, but that doesn't mean it can't benefit from a little tech. New heart-monitoring collars let sheep shoot their shepherd a text whenever they're in danger. Read More >>

Was Samsung Right to Call Other Smartphone Buyers Sheep?

Samsung's next Galaxy teaser made a big deal about criticising fans of other brands of mobile phone, famously describing them as sheep. But, in revealing the Galaxy S III, isn't Samsung simply crowning itself king shepherd of the feature-cloning flock? Read More >>

Samsung Marketing Terrorists Urge Apple Fans to “Wake Up”

Samsung's "Next Galaxy" PR storm is already in full flight, with the Australian wing of the tech giant now staging this bizarre protest outside a branch of the Apple Store in Sydney. Read More >>

Meet Peng Peng, the World’s First Genetically-Spliced Worm-Sheep

It sounds like something out of science fiction; splicing DNA from one animal into another to create some sort of genetic hybrid, but Peng Peng the sheep has made it science fact. The adorable newly-cloned lamb has become the first sheep to have a bit of a worm spliced into him, making him the very first worm-sheep on the planet. Read More >>