Ikea Takes Over Sheffield’s Supertram

If you've been anywhere near Yorkshire's steel city any time recently, you've probably noticed a giant blue and yellow monstrosity looming just outside of the city centre. That monstrosity would be Ikea. It's very hard to miss. Read More >>

This is What Sheffield Wankers Search For on Pornhub

If there was an award for the city with the most disturbing porn search preferences in the UK, it’d go to Sheffield. There’s no weird steel-themed smut on the menu, but we sort of wish it was, so as to push ‘growth’, ‘giantess’, ‘vore’ (short for Vorarephilia, a fetish, where people essentially get their jollies off at the thought of eating another person, being eaten, or simply watching) and ‘caught’ off the leaderboard. Read More >>

Pornhub and Gizmodo UK Present a Complete Guide to UK Porn Habits

Pornhub’s done some terrific work regarding porn stats of late, breaking down the browsing habits of wankers all over the world. Being major smut guzzlers ourselves, we at Giz UK wanted a piece of the x-rated action, and have worked alongside the porn giant to bring you the complete guide to UK porn habits. Read More >>

Glow-in-The-Dark Tampons are Being Used to Fix Broken Sheffield Sewers

Our fair British Isles are in the midst of a water problem: thanks to bad plumbing and a groaning sewer system, 'grey water' — the stuff that comes out of your dishwashers and washing machines — is ending up in our rivers, bringing all sorts of contaminants with it. Hi-tech solutions exist to monitor the problem, but a much cheaper (and more amusing) option exists: tampons. Read More >>

monster machines
This 3D-Printed Flying Wing Forms from Plastic Dust in Just 24 Hours

Embraced by industry titans like Boeing and amateur R/C buffs alike, 3D printing has never been adopted more enthusiastically than in the aerospace industry. And when taken to the limits of its capabilities, 3D printing can produce more than just lightweight composite fan blades. We're talking full-blown flying wings. Read More >>

Five Northern Cities Push for £15bn Infrastructure Upgrade

The cities of Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester, Newcastle and Sheffield are hoping to encourage the chancellor to approve £15bn of upgrades for the north of the country, enhancing local rail links so the area can better compete with the London money machine down south. Read More >>

Gleadless Valley Estate in Sheffield Declared a No-Go Zone By Tesco

Something tells me you might want to avoid the Gleadless Valley estate if you ever visit Sheffield. Tesco's declared it a no-go zone for home deliveries because its drivers and vans have been attacked and robbed. Some people will do anything for a bit of broccoli. Read More >>

Sheffield School Bans TXT Speak

A school in Sheffield has become the front line in the war to defend the Queen’s English after banning teenagers from using slang or text speak on school premises, instead, urging them to speak proper like. Read More >>