Pro-Homeless Benches Turn Ads into Temporary Rain Shelters

Adverts for a Canadian homeless shelter have added one rather charming twist to the current war on homelessness -- they transform into a miniature person-shelter ideal for sleeping rough under when it's raining. Read More >>

Charity Formulates 150,000 Population Dream City in Kent

Homelessness charity Shelter has created a rival plan for a new city for the south east, one that goes much further than the idea the government wants to help build at Ebbsfleet. Read More >>

Mathematician Calculates How to Survive First 30 Minutes of Nuclear War

We're more than half a century past 1960, when the Doomsday Clock ticked down to two minutes before midnight. Yet, despite the steady outpouring of movies and TV shows featuring rogue nukes and dirty bombs, fewer and fewer people actively worry about a nuclear bomb going off. That being said: Do you know where and when to take shelter if it does? Read More >>