BBC’s Sherlock Transforms into a Live Puzzle Challenge

Some of the creative forces behind the BBC's occasional Sherlock series have joined a new entertainment vehicle, one that wants to turn the investigative TV show into a live event. Read More >>

Scientists Legit Studied the Brains of People Watching ‘Sherlock’ and Discovered Something Super Cool

Turns out when you're watching Sherlock, your brain processes and stores the plot in short bursts. Read More >>

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The Beautiful Symmetry of Sherlock

BBC's Sherlock is treat to watch, blending the brilliant acting of Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman to bring Arthur Conan Doyle's detective stories thoroughly up to date. What might well have slipped many viewers by, including myself, is the subtle symmetry that forms many of the show's shots. Read More >>

Sherlock Has a New Companion for Season 4

BBC series Sherlock didn't entirely kill off all enthusiasm for itself with that terrible Christmas special, so there's going to be a fourth series. It's filming now and Sherlock appears to have a new assistant crime solver. A dog. Watson is about to be further demoted. [BBC] Read More >>

This Life-Size Benedict Cumberbatch Was Made With 500 Bars of Chocolate

Telly channel Drama made a life-size chocolate model of Benedict Cumberbatch to celebrate its launch on UKTV's on demand service. Chocolate Cumberbatch weighs 40 kilos and was made using 500 bars of Belgian chocolate. The likeness is truly impressive. Read More >>

Sherlock Holmes Remains in the Public Domain After Failed Conan Doyle Estate Legal Challenge

Got a Sherlock fanfic story tucked away on your hard drive? Feel free to publish it -- Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's estate has once again failed in the courts to keep a copyright hold over the series. [iO9] Read More >>

A Cut-Price Complete Sherlock Blu-ray Boxset is Your Cumberbitch’n Deal of the Day

People have been going crazier than a misery of Smiths fans over the BBC's Sherlock series, starring foot-faced Benedict Cumberbatch and Tim from The Office. The BBC have struck gold with a mix of Jonathan Creek, homoeroticism and the kind of Instagram filtering that everyone sticks over shows now, so they look like HBO dramas. Read More >>

Sherlock Creators Have Mapped Out Series 4 and 5 of the Crime Show

If there's about to be a massive hole in you life after the end of series three of the BBC's revitalised Sherlock adaptation this weekend, worry not. Show creators  Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss claim to have already mapped out their plots for series four and five of the show. And, as well they might, they claim they're pretty decent. Read More >>

A Sherlock Blu-ray Boxset is Your “Watson – Grab Me My Dearstalker, Fiddle and Bag of Skag” Deal of the Day

You have to wonder, when the Cumberbatch's had their little boy, if they mused on how to  make him sound like the poshest man in the universe. So they settled on calling him Benedict, and lo, a thesp was born and everyone fell in love, because people (especially Americans) can't resist a posh British actor. Read More >>

Sherlock’s Cumberbatch Starts Silent Anti-Government Protest Campaign

Sherlock star Benedict Cumberbatch has gone a bit political on the set of the show, baffling onlooking paparazzi by holding up a series of messages conveying his thoughts on the surveillance scandal that's currently gripping the world. Read More >>

Cheap Motion Gaming Is Your Work-Off-All-That-Easter-Chocolate-By-Gaming Deal of the Day

It’s DOUBLE BUBBLE DAY here today, as we pump not one but TWO special offers into your trembling, bewildered faces, both of them giving you the chance to bring your games controlling nightmares to an end. Read More >>

The Jurassic Park Trilogy on Blu-ray Is Your Dinosaur-Fuelled World of Wonder Deal of the Day

Dinosaurs – fictional beasts invented by God so that bible-bashers can tell us exactly how long the world has been in existence. Or something like that anyway. Oh, and they’re also movie stars. Read More >>

Football Manager 2012 Is Your Eyes-on-Redknapp’s-Job Deal of the Day

We feel a little bit like drug-pushers with today’s top deal, trying to lure you into a spiralling addiction by making your first hit as cheap as possible. Once you’re hooked, we’ve got you for life. Read More >>