Misfit and Speedo’s Swim-Tracker Gains Some Useful Smartwatch Functionality

Originally designed as just a dedicated fitness tracker, Misfit’s coin-sized Shine gained some useful smartwatch-inspired features when the second version was introduced. And now its swim-friendly cousin, the Speedo Shine, is getting those same useful upgrades with the new Speedo Shine 2. Read More >>

Three Reportedly Set to Block Digital Ads in the UK

Mobile operator Three is apparently set to block online ads on its network. The move is expected to be announced at MWC next Tuesday, and is guaranteed to cause major controversy. According to reports, the firm’s partnered up with Israeli outfit Shine, which specialises in cutting ads from digital content. Read More >>

Misfit and Swarovski Have Created the First Solar-Powered Fitness Tracker

A wearable fitness tracker is no good to you if you don't actually want to wear it (read: most of them). So to ensure its Shine appropriately matches any outfit – whether you're dressed up or dressed down – Misfit is hooking up with jewellery bods Swarovski to introduce the Swarovski Shine Collection featuring a crystal face and new accessories. Read More >>

Jawbone’s UP3 Brings More Fashion to Fitness Trackers

Everybody's vying for fitness tracker dominance. Microsoft released its Band last week, and new models of the Fitbit and Basis smartwatches are on the way. Now, Jawbone wants create a fashionable fitness tracker that you wouldn't mind wearing all day. Read More >>

The Simplest Way to Track Your Sleep Yet

"The death of each day's life, sore labour's bath, / Balm of hurt minds, great Nature's second course..." We (Macbeth and I) are talking about sleep, and a lot of us suck at it. But exactly how do we suck at it? Do we toss and turn a lot? Snore? Are we roused by outside noises? Well, the new Misfit Beddit Sleep System promises to answer those questions. Read More >>

Watch Out Fitbit, This Badass New Activity Tracker Is Out to Eat Your Lunch

You might not have ever heard of Misfit Wearables but you'll want to pay attention starting now that its first gadget has made its debut. Read More >>