Chinese Titanic Won’t Hit Iceberg or Sink

The Chinese builders of a full size recreation of the Titanic have promised it won't hit an iceberg or sink, for two rather large reasons. Reason one is that it's to spend its entire life in a dock at a theme park so won't be anywhere near wild icebergs, and reason two is that a plan to fake an iceberg impact for the enjoyment of visitors has been cancelled due to being rather in poor taste. Read More >>

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Meet the USCSS Prometheus, the Ship That’s Going to Doom Us All

If you think about it, all of Ridley Scott’s best films have been named after the central character or killer monster – you’ve got Gladiator, Blade Runner and, of course, Alien. Seeing as Prometheus is named after a ship, this must be one hell of a spaceship. Read More >>

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Navigation Data May Indicate Costa Concordia Had a Steering System Failure

This video shows the navigation path of Costa Concordia, the ship that ran aground in Italy. Lots of things went wrong after it hit the first rock, but her path reveals that they may have been a steering system failure before that. Read More >>

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This Stranded Ship Seems to Be Sailing On Sand

This image reminds me a bit of a similar scene in Close Encounters of the Third Kind, where they find a ship in the middle of the desert. Except this ship is sailing the sand of Kerminihy beach, in Erdeven. Read More >>